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Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1, By Ivana E. Tyorbrains

zombie apocalypse serial

“How to end the world in 3 easy steps”

How is that for a beginning to a book huh?! When I was first looking for a good silly read I saw this book, Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the cover word. Which is the picture at the top of this post… Come on, it is funny admit it!

Timothy Frye was your stereo typical nerd in any book. He was picked on as a child through him middle school years, just to start high school paying his bully not to beat him up anymore. He loved the old zombie and horror type movies. He was also top of his class. Sadly, being bullied like he was and being as smart as he was, this made for a potentially deadly combination. What is worse, Timothy now has the money and power to make all of his crazy wishes come to pass.

Bart Corning was Tiny Tim’s bully. Well Tiny Tim is what Bart and his cohorts called Timothy while they were bullying him. Sadly Bart ended up with a very bad condition after his 21st birthday. He now has cluster headaches. These types of headaches effect less than one percent of the population, and lucky Bart is in that one percent. Due to this condition he has become a pot head.

As a twist of fate, who we all know can be an interesting and cruel mistress, Bart now lives with Timothy.  Bart and his mom were homeless and during one of Timothy’s scouting trips for human test subjects he ran across them. Timothy is using Bart for his ID and more importantly to full fill a crush that he has always had on Bart’s mom. Where Bart believes this is just another way that Timothy is being bullied by Bart, paying him off not to beat him up, Timothy is actually using Bart to have his way with Bart’s mom and keep Bart around as a scape goat if need.

Be afraid, be very afraid of those kids who were bullied at school and had the intelligent and luck to make a lot of money to pull off a world-wide destruction plan. This is what we have with Timothy.

This book was funny and kind of demented in many ways. There are other books in the series, as the book 1 would suggest. You can find Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1 at Amazon. For the time being it is free, I think just to make it a hook to his other books. Which sadly now I want to read.

This was a quick book to read, not a lot of pages so that was nice. It does have some interesting thoughts of a mad man as well as a few good book ideas due to his love of books and movies as a child. If you want a free book, a quick read, and a bit of humor in your zombie potential horror, give Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1 a try.