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Work from home?


So I am looking for work. To be completely honest, my ideal job would be from home so I could continue to be home with my kids. I love being a stay at home mom, but problems have brought about me having to get a job.

In my search of work, I have run across so many work at home sites that at times I feel overwhelmed. It is just amazing to be honest. Work at home can range from pay to get information to actual free information.

work from home 1

You may be wondering what prompted this post though. While looking on Craigslist I saw a post that stated all you had to do was place ads and be paid $25 for every person who clicked and started using the program. Here is the catch, you pay the person who posted the ad. The information you get is where you can post ads for free, and the ads that you can post. Technically, you are paying for a service or product. But really, you are paying someone else $25 to tell you to make an ad to get someone to pay you to do the same thing. Being me, I emailed the person to make sure I actually understood the idea behind the product. The nice man wrote me back and said, Yes I understood. Tell me that doesn’t feel slightly wrong.

Jobs today are varied beyond belief. If you are really lucky you find a job you will love and can make a great career out of if. But most times it is not the case. Instead, a person finds a job and works for a pay check. For some, Blogging has become a very good career. That would be an excellent job for me. I love to write, read, and then write some more, but so far that is not happened. I am not discouraged from writing or reading though.

Instead I am now trying to find a job. I have put out many applications. I am still looking for that special work at hope job though. I know it is out there and it will not cost me $50 plus dollars to find it. I just have to be diligent.

To all who read this and might know of something keep me in mind though. For all others, be careful, ask questions, know what you are actually getting into. Trust me, it’s an internet jungle out there and without your wits you are in trouble.

internet jungle