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Sequal Books… Love/Hate Relationship!!!!!

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So we all have read them. They are the books where you read the first one just to see if you will like it just to turn around and want the rest. This is my problem with most books. It doesn’t matter the genre, I just get invested. Not involved, but invested in the series and the characters. I want to know what will happen next, who will make it through the next book, what wild and wacky predicaments the characters are in. I tell you it is maddening at times.

You may ask why I bring this up, or you might not, but either way, I am going to tell you…

I have been reading the Odd Thomas series by Dean R. Koontz for years now. He finally came out with new books and I was able to get them from the library. I was so excited. I read Odd Apocalypse and then Odd Interlude. Just to find out that Odd Interlude came before Odd Apocalypse. But that is okay, not a big problem luckily. But then I find out there is another book. I tell you, it is maddening to think you are caught up just to find out there is another. Sure it is great there is another book since I enjoy the series, but come on… 😀

With all that said though, The Odd series is getting a big ‘odd’ for lack of a better word. It has always been supernatural in many ways, but these last two books are starting to make me question the sanity of the books. Does that make sense? I hope so because I am not sure how else to explain it.

Can you guess what my next review(s) is going to be about… Yep the Odd Thomas series by Koontz. What is your take on the series and for that matter series books in general. DO you Love them? Hate them? Both? I am a Both.

But I raise a book to the series’ that keep us coming back!