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23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!), by Kaylee Cole, Book

23 frugal ways

We all know we want to make a bit more money just for the little things. I am not ashamed at the fact that I want too and to do so, I read books about it. 23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) by Kaylee Cole is a good book that gives some practical and some out of the box ideas. Plus if you are interested in this you can go to Amazon and buy the book for free. Well if it is free I would say you are not buying the book, you are more simply getting the book. Either way 23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) is free right now, as in the date this post was published. But try anyways, it may still be free when you go for it!

23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) by Kaylee Cole is actually pretty informative. It was a good read in the fact that it gives practical ideas as well as out of the box ideas. The practical ones include getting a second part-time employment to simply selling stuff that have been sitting in boxes that you have forgotten about. Each of these an a few more in the book make us think, I can do that, and let’s be honest, we really can!

The not so practical should have been for us, but that is why I say out of the box on these ideas. We simply do not think of them. Getting crafty to sell items on Esty.com can bring in a bit of money if you find the right nitch. Another out of the box idea was simply to provide your services. There is a site called Fiverr.com where you can offer your services for $5 a pop. Once you are established there are different levels where you can start charging more. Within the $5’s charged, you would receive $4. Offering a service others need but not one to where it costs you more is a great way to get your name out there and help you to achieve more than the simple $1000 you are striving for.

There are many other ideas that can work for some one even if the couple I mentioned here does not. Give it a look. Besides if you have a kindle, 23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) is free. And lets just be honest, free is always great!!!

Give it a read and enjoy the possibility for an extra $1000.