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On Ice, J. D. Faver (Book)

On Ice

On Ice, by J. D. Faver is a love story born of fear and danger. This book will remind us that not all men are great and not all woman are strong all the time. Men need help and women need help to be strong. Family is everything, but family is not always seen in the same light.

On Ice is about a woman, Rene, who has to find inner strength to over come her husbands abuse to be free for her self and her children. She finds this freedom with the help of her sister and a remote town in Alaska. Mark, her husband, will not be deterred though. He does everything he can think of to find her and make her pay for leaving him and taking his children. Maddy, her sister, helped her leave her husband and because of this she is now on the receiving end of Mark’s anger. Brett on the other hand reminded her what a real man is and how a woman should be treated. Rene has to find the courage to reclaim her life and save herself and her children before it is too late.

On Ice is a good read that will make you laugh and cry all with in a couple of pages, or at least it did me :). If you like romance you will like this book. You can find this book at Amazon.

If you give it a go, I hope you will enjoy it!