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Breakfast at Burger King … DENIED!!!!

Where I live there are two Burger Kings pretty close to my house. One is closer then the other but both are close enough that most of the time you can choose which you want to go too. My preference is actually the one that is just a little farther away. But last Saturday I was in a bit of a time crunch to make breakfast. So I went to the one that is about a mile from my house. (Honestly, I try not to go to this one, but as stated before, time crunch, I was trying to make their breakfast for my kids and I.)

We went to the closer one to the house. We get there 15 minutes before breakfast is over. More than enough time to order before lunch starts. We walk in, there is one other customer with her two grand-kids ordering, I know they are her grand-kids becasue they said grandma. I also hear what they ordered, and nothing they ordered would have taken more then 5 minutes to put together or fry.

The girl behind the counter takes the woman and her grandkids order then turns from the counter to fill it. She does not recognize me or my kids, but I figure whatever, it is BK after all what more do I expect. After waiting in line for 15 minutes the girl comes back and asks what we would like. No sorry for us waiting so long, nothing like that, just what do you want. Again, I figure what more do I expect. I proceed to tell her that we want a 5 piece french toast and a 3 piece french toast, plus… she cuts me off and says, “We are no longer serving breakfast, it is now lunch time.” I look at her and say, “I have been in like for 15 minutes, it is only 10:31am. I have been waiting. She says, ” my manager says we are serving lunch now.” (Mind you I am a very even keal person. I do not raise my vioce in public to complain, I simply just ask for a manager. In this regard. That is not what happened.) This girl looks at me like a I stupid and just says again, “We are serving lunch now.” But what truely set me off, and made me raise my voice is when I saw the manager poke her head-out and when she saw I was getting upset, jumped back behind the side wall when I she saw I saw her. Then I raised my voice. I was completely not happy. My kids really wanted what we were going to order, plus I had coupons that would have made it easier to afford.

There were also 3 other customers behind me. And one of them even said, What did they wait for it to turn 10:30am just so they would not have to serve breakfast anymore. Honestly, made me feel a littl ebetter knowing it was not just me who thought that. Needless to say, we left and I told them I was never coming back to that one again. Logically, I know that probably won’t happen. But it is how I feel.

That was Saturday, I was still so mad, that on Monday I even called the corporate number to complain. The man at customer service was very professional, but I know nothing will come over it. Come to find out, it is an individual owned store, not corporate owned, so all they can really do is tell the owner. I left my name and number, but I never expect to hear anything about it again. I even told the customer service againt that. If I do though, I will add it to the post. But honestly, dont hold your breath. I would hate to think someone passed out thinking I got a response. 🙂

Thanks for reading my rant. It is sad I must say. On the other hand, while I had the service againt on the phone I did say how much I loved the other one and I would go back there in a minute just for the people who work there. So see, even in a rant about how mad I was, I still said somthing good about the other Burger King. Good on me!

Thanks again!




Home Depot Workshop for kids … Fun!!

Yesterday was my son’s and I day to spend together. Okay, Saturdays we always spend the morning together. And I have to say, I love it!!! I really do. You see my boys are 13 and 10 and I know I do not have a lot of time to where they are going to want to spend a Saturday morning with their mom. I am even mostly okay with it. So for now, YAY! they want to spend it with me.

Now back to what this outing was about to begin with. 😀

Yesterday, the first Saturday of the month, I took my boys to the Home Depot craft for kids. Home Depot does this every first Saturday of the month, and sometimes throughout the month as well. This month, November of 2015, since it was right around Veterans day, Home Depot was doing a Fighter Jet.

These crafts are not hard for the kids to put together. They are made to be easy. This way any kid, for the most part can participate. Since my kids have been doing this for so long, they even help other kids with tips at times. Plus Home Depot has employees there to help any of the kids get their projects together if needed.


After you put your craft, this week a Fighter Jet, you have the option to paint it or add the stickers they give you for the project. I had one son who had to paint his and one son they just wanted to take it home. I just love how my boys are different. well my youngest, he wanted to paint his. Mind you when he put it together, he hit the wood while hammering in a nail and broke a little piece off the top that looked like the bubble of a Fighter Jet. So when he was painting it, he said it was in an accident and that is why is did not pain that part. He is so funny.

So the Home Depot craft is open for anyone up to the age of 12. But they do not discourage older kinds from doing the craft. My oldest is 13 and he still loves to do them. The employees allow him to do the craft and get the pin that goes along with the craft. Every craft has a pin and a completion certificate. My kids have over 25 pins now. Once you get 10 you get a special pin and when you get to 25, you get a special pin. Someone said you get one at 50 as well, but I do not know if that is true of not.

Needless to say, if you have young ones who like to build things, this is the place to go. You can look on their website, put in your zip code and see where one is by you. They do give you the option to register before the event, that is to make sure they have enough kits, but even if you do not register, you can still just show up. As I said, my kids love it, and my friends kids love it, and she has two girls. So these projects are great for girls and boys.

Have a great time and if you go to one, let me know how you like it!


Pumpkins Anyone…

Hi everyone. Well yesterday was a fun day for me and my kids. I have to be honest though, yesterday was Saturday and my boys and I always spend the day together. It always makes me happy that they still want to do that with me. Yesterday we started like we normally do, we went to the local Farmers Market. All summer the Farmers MArket hosts a club there called the Power of Produce. My kids have gone every Saturday for the last 16 weeks or so. They have not missed one week. They are lucky that I am such a good mom and get them out there because this week, they had Pumpkins for the kids. Not only that, they also had craft items there if the kids wanted to decorate them. It was great. My boys had so much fun. My oldest took almost an hour to decorate his. Which I have to say is really funny since at first he did not want to do it, but once he started he was completely into it. My youngest just loves anything like that in general so he was all for it.

boys painting pumpkins 2015

This picture was actually taken by one of the volenteers who help out there. Many pictures were taken actually. They were so sweet to the kids and incuraged all avenues of expression. And I have to say they did not stop there. They also had a table where they were making Cornhusk Dolls. My youngest made one and it was so much better then last years. Though I did love his, and my oldest ones, from last year.

Corn Husk 1 Corn Husk 2 All the materials were donated by vendors from teh Farmers Market as well. How nice is that of everyone out there.

I have to say, The Power of Produce club is not only fun but educational too. Every week they have different activities to help the kids learn more about the farmers and the fruits and veggies.

Saturday was so fun for my boys and I, that I just wanted to give a shout out to this wonderful club and the Farmers Market.

Thank you all for everything you have done this summer and last! the kids and I are looking forward to next year as well!

Just a little heads up for next week at the Power of Produce at the Farmers Market. Next week they will be havingmore pumpkins to decorate and different craft projects. On Facebook they even have an event update page. Power of Produce Halloween.

boys painting pumpkins 2015 1 If you live near by, stop by and enjoy the activities. You do not have to belong to the club to have fun with everyone. Plus you get to dress up and go trick or treating with the vendors who are also dressing up. Come see why this is such a great club for next year and have a good time as well.

Okay that is my Saturday story of fun and luck. I hope everyone else had a great day as well.


SpeedWay Gas Station

Okay my wonderful readers, this is an odd review I know. But we have all had experiences while we were out that just needs to be talked about. Today at SpeedWay my sons and I had such an experience.


You see, Every Saturday my sons and I spend the morning together. We go to the Farmers Market, and then to some stores, and normally on the way home we go to a SpeedWay near our home. My youngest son loves their croissants with cheese and bacon. The thing is though, they do not have that as a normal item; the employees have to make it special for him. Well this Saturday, we only went in for sodas but while we were walking around the store, the manager came out and gave my son his sandwich that he loves. She made the sandwich just because she saw he was there and knew he loved them. Isn’t that amazing! I swear, that is one of the many reasons why I love this SpeedWay.

How many times have you gone into a business and thought, gee would it kill them to recognize me (even as a person let along as a customer). I know I have. But this SpeedWay is amazing with remembering who their customers are. i love the little touches of knowing a customer brings to the interaction of a transaction.

I feel truly lucky we were able to find this SpeedyWay and the nice and helpful people who work there. Thank you SpeedyWay for always exceeding what is expected!

So my wondrous reads, do you have a favorite store of some kind that you just love to go to? IS there one that just jumps out at you and makes you think… “Gee, wish all stores were like this,”? That is what this SpeedWay does for my family. If you do have a store like that, let us know. Plus, let that store know, I know they would appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some good, and at times bad stores for some of you!

Hackely Public Library

Front View of the library
Front View of the library

When I had started this page last night, I was thinking more of outings that involved going outside in some way other than going to a place. Today though, I went to our local library (yes this is the building of our local library) and realized one very important detail about outings, you go out to do them. With that in mind, I truly believe that this outing deserves a mention.

Today at the Hackley Public Library, they had a kids event that was completely spectacular. A nice man came in to talk to the kids (and parents) about Geo’s and the Quartz inside of them. I will be honest, I have been to a few of these events all summer, and though they have been good, they have not captivated me as much as this one did.

Here is the add that Hackley Library has up on their website.

Today the program explained about how Geo’s were formed and then how Quartz were formed inside. It was very interesting. He involved the kids by asking questions and allowing the children to handle his displays. He had a handout that explained (again what he said) Geo’s and Quartz so the kids could continue to learn.

Then to top off a great an interesting presentation, he brought Geo’s from Indiana and allowed each child and parent to pick one and help break it open. The children had so much fun, and I saw how much the parents were enjoying this as well. Mr. Tchozeski  had everyone laughing with what he would tell each person to  think about right before the hit the Geo. Everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Whether you have kids or not, you should check out your public library and see their events. They will have events for Adults as well as kids. They also normally have different classes that one might be interested in taking for free (normally). Visit your local library, you will always find you own world of adventure each time you do.

If you know a library that is great or just simple happy memories of libraries, let me here (read) them. Libraries are wonderful places that allow us to learn and imagine more with each visit!


P.F. Hoffmaster Park, Muskegon, MI


What a great day we had today out there. P. F. Hoffmaster is a great park for those who just like to take the littlest of walks to the more entailed ones. Today we (as in me, my two sons, my BFF and her two kids) went on a simpler walk today. This walk started with a nice little picnic in a covered area. One of the best elements of this area is the large outdoor Fireplace. This can be used simply to keep warm on the cool nights, or as a fun time to roast marsh mellows. We used the area to enjoy our picnic though.

Then we went on a nice hike through one of the numbered trails that allow you to choose your path along the way. One of the ideas behind this section of the hiking trails is the numbering system they use. Along the way you will see numbers and a couple of maps posted. You can look for your number on the map and choose which direction you want to go, or if you want to go back to the picnic area. We choose a nice round about way for our hike. there were a few ups and downs but not to bad where one would become tired or fatigued it a little out of shape, which I am. It is a nice walk to simply get your heart pumping but not hurting.

There are other trails throughout the park though. There are different lengths as well as skill. Another great way the P. F. Hoffmaster is public friendly, is their shorter hiking trails that are actually costumed for those in wheeled chairs or need help walking. These trails are not as long, but they do end with a beautiful view of the beach. There is also a wonderful center to help teach visitors about the different animals that can be found at P. F. Hoffmaster as well as a little interaction area that visitors can see some of the animals and geology aspects of the Park.

Normally we go on the trail called “One Mile Trail,” That is where the picture on the top came from. This trail is a little more intense of a hike though. There are many ups and downs as well as thin trails to follow. You will have to have really good balance in some areas along this trail. This trail is also one of the trails that end at the beach. A good point about that is if you are too tired to go back through the “One Mile Trail” you can walk the beach for about a quarter of a mile and be at the beach entrance which is right by the parking lot to the beginning of the “One Mile Trail.”  To be honest though, none of us think it is only one mile. When you are hiking it, it feels like so much more due to the hills and sand in some area.

All in all, P. F. Hoffmaster is a great place to go for either a hike or a day out. They offer a variety of different interesting things for little to no money. If you make it to Michigan come check out P. F. Hoffmaster State Park. You will be glad you did. 🙂