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I enjoy reading and doing different things and these are my thoughts, and hopefully others, on different books, events, and outings. :o)

Halloween is Coming


Halloween is coming and my family is so excited!!! How about you and yours. Do you like, love, eehh, or hate Halloween? I do have to say, we love it! We love it so much, my husband and I got married on Halloween.

In my family, we have fun during Halloween. We make costumes and put out decorations. We go to parties with the kids and Trick or Treat. What about you and yours? Do you do anything special? If you are of the free spirit kind, do you go out and play pranks or do you help at events? Are you the devil may care kind of just likes to cause spooky times for others? Or do you believe that it is a day to celebrate the dead and thank them for what they have done for you? Do you go to cemetarys and look around for ghosts? All of these things and more pretty much say what my family has dane at one time or another during Halloween. But most of all, we like to have fun.

Halloween is a day like anyother and with that said, Please remember to be safe, have fun, and do not get to crazy. The spirits will be watching to make sure that  all is well with the world. As is, it is the day the veil is the thinnest between the realms!

Happy Halloween Everyone!



Memorial Day Thanks!

mem day

Be thankful to all those who have, do and will serve so you can have the right to say and do almost anything you want. Even when it is not believed to be correct or worth while. Our Service men and women put there lives on the line for our freedom as well as their own!

Thank you for all that they do yesterday, today, and always!


Posting Help

I read a lot. Well a lot for me. I love to read. That is part of the reason I started this blog to be honest. But my problem seems to be writing a review after a read a book. I am not complaining except for my own self of not doing it. I see all these blogs posts on the same day by people and I wonder how you, as in any blogger, does it. Between work, home schooling, and family, I get so tired and I feel lazy. Is that normal?

I guess I am basically making this post asking for any advise that one would like to give to help my blog about things I read, places I go, movies I watch, I am sure you get the picture. I lve doing it, but finding the time seems to be hard to find at times. An example is I am writing this right now at midnight-ish my time. This is just a quick posting though, there just isnt enough time for me to do everything I would like to do I think at times.

With that written, I truly would like any and all advise. I thanks everyone in advance. I know everyone else is just as busy.



Slow Burn Zero Day book 1 By Bobby Adair

Slow Burn Zero Day book 1

Slow Burn 1

By Bobby Adair

In todays world we see zombies in all shape and verieties. They are fast, slow, they only eat brains or they eat everything. But what happens when the zombie is not actually dead, but simply just a human who had bad case of a flu that turned their brain into a type of mush that only allowed for the most basic of functions, eat, sleep, and sex. But it is even worse then that, what if this flu had different degrees of fried brain.

  1. The complete fried brain, which is where the person with the flu has died.
  2. The mostly friend brain, which is where the person has now become the living embodyment of a person who is only working on the most basic of functions.
  3. You have the ones who’s temperature is high enough to slow them down to be able to take comands and have rudimentary thought, but no initiation to do anything without being told.
  4. You have the smart ones. These are the most scariest of all the infected. They know they are infected, they understand what is going on, and the get the other infect to do their bidding. The scary part comes in because they no longer care about right or wrong, but love the chaos and death that come with the power.
  5. You have the name of the book, Slow Burns. These are people who run a degree or two above normal but are basically still completely normal. They look infected but they are just as normall as anyone.
  6. The last set is the immune. This is a person who will not catch the flu or infection regardless of transmission.

Zed is a Slow Burn. Though it mght seem great, it also comes with its downside. One down side is everyone thinking your are infected and dangerous no matter how much you help them. Another is being shot at on sight just becasue of what you look like.

Zed is not along though. He makes a friend named Murphy whop luck wold have it is also a Slow Burn. But where Zed is all help everyone but stay completely aloof, Murphy sees the writing on the wall and knows that bad things will happen. Yet, no matter what the bad thing that happens is, Murphy’s phylosphy of keep a smile on your face stays in tack. Zed and murphy even each other out even if Zed does not always see it.

Slow Burn can be bought for $2.99 through Amazon, but there is a funny thing that goes with it, You can also buy the first three books for nothing. Perosnally, I would get the first three books as the bundle instead of buying the first one. 1. It will save you money to buy all three. 2. you will have a better understanding of Zed and murphy and all that follow them by the end of the third book. I will be doing reviews on the other two books, but I am going to put a link here to Amazon for the first book and the three volume set. Just so you have the choice.

Enjoy, I know my sons and I do.


Slow Burn: Box Set 1-3 (Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series)



The Tatterdemon Omnibus by Steve Vernon

The Tatterdemon Omnibus by Steve Vernon

Tatterdemon Omnibus

This is all three books in one. It is $2.99 through Amizon Kindle. You can buy each book seperately though. The first book is Free and the other two are $1.99 each. That means if you buy the Tatterdemon Omnibus you will save about $1.00. And lets be honest, saving a dollar is great. But if you just want to try them out to see if you will like them, get the first book for free and then get the trilogy (omnibus), that is what I did.

 Revenant: book 1 of the Tatterdemon Trilogy

Tatterdemon Revenant BK 1

Long ago a miss deed was done and today the residents Crossfalls are paying for their mistake. In the first book of the Tatterdemon Trilogy, Revenant, the town of crossfalls is learning that not everything and everyone is as it seems.

Maddy is tired of her husband always abusing her. She is so feed up that she ends up killing him and buring him in the same field that a horrible wrong occured. Now she must reap what she has sown. Sadly, this will involve her husband coming back and her life never being the same again.

This is just the start to the Tatterdemons reign.

As I said, you can read this one for free, but buy the who set if you like it as a discounted price.



Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1) by Alisa Woods

Jaxson River Pack Wolves book 1


By: Alisa Woods

Jaxson loves his family and his pack more than anything. It is breaking his heart that he is going to have to step down as Pack Alfa. Jaxson has a secret that he does not believe will be understood by anyone including his family and pack. Though he is worries for their safety and the packs protection, he believes living with this secret is better than trying to overcome it.

Olivia has known her whole life that she was different and that her differences would one day complicate her life, no matter how much she tries to stop those differences from showing. After a chance meeting with Jaxson, she realizes that her differences can be better served by embracing them, even if it means her own death.

Jaxson and Olivia both have secrets; can they overcome their secrets and expectations and love each other as they should?

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1) is the first of a three part series. The first book is free at times and at other times it is .99, like now during this review. I truly liked the book so I bought the other two.

Jace (River Pack Wolves book 2)

Jared (River Pack Wolves book 3)

I hope you will like them as well.



Jared River Pack book 3 by Alisa Wsood

Jared River Pack Book 3


by:  Alisa Wsood

Jared should have been Alfa of the River Pack, but due to war and loss, he is a broken man. He only sees himself and damaged goods. Jared has loss and sadness as his companion at all times, but will he be able to see the truth in front of him before it is too late and he loses everything.

The senator’s daughter, Grace Krepky, is one to herself. She has believed in her father from the time she could remember. But his plan to have every shift register publicly is something she cannot stand behind, due to her own secret. The question becomes, with Jared’s help, will she find the strength to accept who she is or will her fear rule her heart?

Can Grace save Jared from himself? Can Jared instill the beauty of what Grace really is into her? Or will they lose themselves to the senator’s beliefs?

You can get this book from Amazon for $2.99 or read it for free if you have Unlimited through Amazon.

The other two books in the three book series are:

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1)

Jace (River Pack Wolves book 2)



Breathless by Dean Koontz

Breathless breathless

Dean Koontz

Have you ever wondered if there are more out there then just us? In Breathless it is answered, yet you might not see the answers right away. For Grady and Camillia the answers are the best they could have ever considered. Yet, for others these answers become a homing beacon to help others or go completely crazy. Whichever way you are effected, one thing is sure; your life will be changed!

Grady Adams will never forgive himself for his best friend’s death. As a highly decorated sniper, Grady understood that you always have to be focused on the mission to survive, but when he saw his best friend Marcus waning due to untruths, he feels he does not do enough to help him, and in turn save his life. Due to this preserved injustice to his friend, Grady leaves the military and finds seclusion in a small mountain town.  Three years later, Grady is finally feeling as if he is alive again. Though he still thinks of Marcus constantly, he can at least find the beauty in the world around him. In this beauty is his daily walk with his wolfhound Merlin. During one of these walks, Grady and Merlin come across the most interesting of creatures. Though the creature pair disappears once they realize they have been seen, Grady and Merlin cannot stop thinking of them. Later that night, they learn that the creatures could not stop thinking of them either.

Camillia Rivers is the local vet who takes care of most of the animals in this small mountain town. Camillia lives for animals. She does not see much in the company in many humans due to her past. Trust is very hard to come by for her. Yet, her best friend is Grady after three years of getting to know each other and the love they both share for Merlin. Camillia’s day started off with a call to help an organization that helps rescue dogs and puppies from Puppy Mills. During her day she realizes she has not eaten and takes a 15 minute break to grab something to eat. When she is almost done with her quick lunch her assistant vet tech runs to her and says she has to see something. When she tries to question him, he tells her there is no explanation. When Camillia comes back into the clinic she sees the most amazing thing, the scared dogs, now loving dogs, which had never had a bad experience. Though she is energized to see this, she is also stunned.

About a half mile from Grady’s house is the Rouvroy property; a six acre piece of land that was loved and worked by Jim and his wife Nora. When Jim’s brother Henry shows up out of the blue, Jim is happy but surprised. Since Jim and Henry are twins, when Nora sees Henry she jokes about Jim cloning himself. After a little small talk at the kitchen table, Henry is offered the sleeper couch to stay. He gladly accepts and Jim starts to take him for a tour of the property. Before Henry leaves the kitchen, he gets the feeling that Jim and Nora are having private conversations with their eyes and he becomes very worried. Once out in the barn, Henry allows his true self to come out and from there nothing good comes about.

Tom Bigger is just what his name suggests, bigger than most others. Tom is also a self-hating man. He does not want to hurt theirs though. Because of this, Tom mostly keeps to himself. A couple times a month, he cleans himself up the best he can in the ocean and, then panhandles to get some money. Tom knows his vises are large, and once indulged he does not stop for a long time. The last day he goes up to panhandle he has a revelation. At first he does not want to recognize it, but soon realizes he has no choice but to follow his new path. He fears following this new path more than he has feared anything in his life before.

Grady and Camillia realize that the creatures, Puzzle and Riddle, are important, but they also know now that the government has involved itself, it will probably not end that way. Because of these creatures, Grady and Camillia have their pasts come full circle and start to see only the good that will come about due to these amazing creatures whether the governments of the world like it or not!

Breathless is a wonderful book of wonder and annoyance. You will wonder why one part is important and how another part will work in. In the end you will realize that this is a small world after all!

Let me know what you think of the book.