Halloween is Coming


Halloween is coming and my family is so excited!!! How about you and yours. Do you like, love, eehh, or hate Halloween? I do have to say, we love it! We love it so much, my husband and I got married on Halloween.

In my family, we have fun during Halloween. We make costumes and put out decorations. We go to parties with the kids and Trick or Treat. What about you and yours? Do you do anything special? If you are of the free spirit kind, do you go out and play pranks or do you help at events? Are you the devil may care kind of just likes to cause spooky times for others? Or do you believe that it is a day to celebrate the dead and thank them for what they have done for you? Do you go to cemetarys and look around for ghosts? All of these things and more pretty much say what my family has dane at one time or another during Halloween. But most of all, we like to have fun.

Halloween is a day like anyother and with that said, Please remember to be safe, have fun, and do not get to crazy. The spirits will be watching to make sure that  all is well with the world. As is, it is the day the veil is the thinnest between the realms!

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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