Breakfast at Burger King … DENIED!!!!

Where I live there are two Burger Kings pretty close to my house. One is closer then the other but both are close enough that most of the time you can choose which you want to go too. My preference is actually the one that is just a little farther away. But last Saturday I was in a bit of a time crunch to make breakfast. So I went to the one that is about a mile from my house. (Honestly, I try not to go to this one, but as stated before, time crunch, I was trying to make their breakfast for my kids and I.)

We went to the closer one to the house. We get there 15 minutes before breakfast is over. More than enough time to order before lunch starts. We walk in, there is one other customer with her two grand-kids ordering, I know they are her grand-kids becasue they said grandma. I also hear what they ordered, and nothing they ordered would have taken more then 5 minutes to put together or fry.

The girl behind the counter takes the woman and her grandkids order then turns from the counter to fill it. She does not recognize me or my kids, but I figure whatever, it is BK after all what more do I expect. After waiting in line for 15 minutes the girl comes back and asks what we would like. No sorry for us waiting so long, nothing like that, just what do you want. Again, I figure what more do I expect. I proceed to tell her that we want a 5 piece french toast and a 3 piece french toast, plus… she cuts me off and says, “We are no longer serving breakfast, it is now lunch time.” I look at her and say, “I have been in like for 15 minutes, it is only 10:31am. I have been waiting. She says, ” my manager says we are serving lunch now.” (Mind you I am a very even keal person. I do not raise my vioce in public to complain, I simply just ask for a manager. In this regard. That is not what happened.) This girl looks at me like a I stupid and just says again, “We are serving lunch now.” But what truely set me off, and made me raise my voice is when I saw the manager poke her head-out and when she saw I was getting upset, jumped back behind the side wall when I she saw I saw her. Then I raised my voice. I was completely not happy. My kids really wanted what we were going to order, plus I had coupons that would have made it easier to afford.

There were also 3 other customers behind me. And one of them even said, What did they wait for it to turn 10:30am just so they would not have to serve breakfast anymore. Honestly, made me feel a littl ebetter knowing it was not just me who thought that. Needless to say, we left and I told them I was never coming back to that one again. Logically, I know that probably won’t happen. But it is how I feel.

That was Saturday, I was still so mad, that on Monday I even called the corporate number to complain. The man at customer service was very professional, but I know nothing will come over it. Come to find out, it is an individual owned store, not corporate owned, so all they can really do is tell the owner. I left my name and number, but I never expect to hear anything about it again. I even told the customer service againt that. If I do though, I will add it to the post. But honestly, dont hold your breath. I would hate to think someone passed out thinking I got a response. 🙂

Thanks for reading my rant. It is sad I must say. On the other hand, while I had the service againt on the phone I did say how much I loved the other one and I would go back there in a minute just for the people who work there. So see, even in a rant about how mad I was, I still said somthing good about the other Burger King. Good on me!

Thanks again!




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