Posting Help

I read a lot. Well a lot for me. I love to read. That is part of the reason I started this blog to be honest. But my problem seems to be writing a review after a read a book. I am not complaining except for my own self of not doing it. I see all these blogs posts on the same day by people and I wonder how you, as in any blogger, does it. Between work, home schooling, and family, I get so tired and I feel lazy. Is that normal?

I guess I am basically making this post asking for any advise that one would like to give to help my blog about things I read, places I go, movies I watch, I am sure you get the picture. I lve doing it, but finding the time seems to be hard to find at times. An example is I am writing this right now at midnight-ish my time. This is just a quick posting though, there just isnt enough time for me to do everything I would like to do I think at times.

With that written, I truly would like any and all advise. I thanks everyone in advance. I know everyone else is just as busy.




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