Slow Burn Zero Day book 1 By Bobby Adair

Slow Burn Zero Day book 1

Slow Burn 1

By Bobby Adair

In todays world we see zombies in all shape and verieties. They are fast, slow, they only eat brains or they eat everything. But what happens when the zombie is not actually dead, but simply just a human who had bad case of a flu that turned their brain into a type of mush that only allowed for the most basic of functions, eat, sleep, and sex. But it is even worse then that, what if this flu had different degrees of fried brain.

  1. The complete fried brain, which is where the person with the flu has died.
  2. The mostly friend brain, which is where the person has now become the living embodyment of a person who is only working on the most basic of functions.
  3. You have the ones who’s temperature is high enough to slow them down to be able to take comands and have rudimentary thought, but no initiation to do anything without being told.
  4. You have the smart ones. These are the most scariest of all the infected. They know they are infected, they understand what is going on, and the get the other infect to do their bidding. The scary part comes in because they no longer care about right or wrong, but love the chaos and death that come with the power.
  5. You have the name of the book, Slow Burns. These are people who run a degree or two above normal but are basically still completely normal. They look infected but they are just as normall as anyone.
  6. The last set is the immune. This is a person who will not catch the flu or infection regardless of transmission.

Zed is a Slow Burn. Though it mght seem great, it also comes with its downside. One down side is everyone thinking your are infected and dangerous no matter how much you help them. Another is being shot at on sight just becasue of what you look like.

Zed is not along though. He makes a friend named Murphy whop luck wold have it is also a Slow Burn. But where Zed is all help everyone but stay completely aloof, Murphy sees the writing on the wall and knows that bad things will happen. Yet, no matter what the bad thing that happens is, Murphy’s phylosphy of keep a smile on your face stays in tack. Zed and murphy even each other out even if Zed does not always see it.

Slow Burn can be bought for $2.99 through Amazon, but there is a funny thing that goes with it, You can also buy the first three books for nothing. Perosnally, I would get the first three books as the bundle instead of buying the first one. 1. It will save you money to buy all three. 2. you will have a better understanding of Zed and murphy and all that follow them by the end of the third book. I will be doing reviews on the other two books, but I am going to put a link here to Amazon for the first book and the three volume set. Just so you have the choice.

Enjoy, I know my sons and I do.


Slow Burn: Box Set 1-3 (Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series)




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