The Tatterdemon Omnibus by Steve Vernon

The Tatterdemon Omnibus by Steve Vernon

Tatterdemon Omnibus

This is all three books in one. It is $2.99 through Amizon Kindle. You can buy each book seperately though. The first book is Free and the other two are $1.99 each. That means if you buy the Tatterdemon Omnibus you will save about $1.00. And lets be honest, saving a dollar is great. But if you just want to try them out to see if you will like them, get the first book for free and then get the trilogy (omnibus), that is what I did.

 Revenant: book 1 of the Tatterdemon Trilogy

Tatterdemon Revenant BK 1

Long ago a miss deed was done and today the residents Crossfalls are paying for their mistake. In the first book of the Tatterdemon Trilogy, Revenant, the town of crossfalls is learning that not everything and everyone is as it seems.

Maddy is tired of her husband always abusing her. She is so feed up that she ends up killing him and buring him in the same field that a horrible wrong occured. Now she must reap what she has sown. Sadly, this will involve her husband coming back and her life never being the same again.

This is just the start to the Tatterdemons reign.

As I said, you can read this one for free, but buy the who set if you like it as a discounted price.




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