Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1) by Alisa Woods

Jaxson River Pack Wolves book 1


By: Alisa Woods

Jaxson loves his family and his pack more than anything. It is breaking his heart that he is going to have to step down as Pack Alfa. Jaxson has a secret that he does not believe will be understood by anyone including his family and pack. Though he is worries for their safety and the packs protection, he believes living with this secret is better than trying to overcome it.

Olivia has known her whole life that she was different and that her differences would one day complicate her life, no matter how much she tries to stop those differences from showing. After a chance meeting with Jaxson, she realizes that her differences can be better served by embracing them, even if it means her own death.

Jaxson and Olivia both have secrets; can they overcome their secrets and expectations and love each other as they should?

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1) is the first of a three part series. The first book is free at times and at other times it is .99, like now during this review. I truly liked the book so I bought the other two.

Jace (River Pack Wolves book 2)

Jared (River Pack Wolves book 3)

I hope you will like them as well.




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