Jared River Pack book 3 by Alisa Wsood

Jared River Pack Book 3


by:  Alisa Wsood

Jared should have been Alfa of the River Pack, but due to war and loss, he is a broken man. He only sees himself and damaged goods. Jared has loss and sadness as his companion at all times, but will he be able to see the truth in front of him before it is too late and he loses everything.

The senator’s daughter, Grace Krepky, is one to herself. She has believed in her father from the time she could remember. But his plan to have every shift register publicly is something she cannot stand behind, due to her own secret. The question becomes, with Jared’s help, will she find the strength to accept who she is or will her fear rule her heart?

Can Grace save Jared from himself? Can Jared instill the beauty of what Grace really is into her? Or will they lose themselves to the senator’s beliefs?

You can get this book from Amazon for $2.99 or read it for free if you have Unlimited through Amazon.

The other two books in the three book series are:

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1)

Jace (River Pack Wolves book 2)




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