Jace River Pack Books 2 By Alisa Woods

Jace River Pack Book 2

By Alisa Woods


Jace is the youngest of the three brothers but he has the scariest wolf in his eyes. After an accident in the military, Jace believes his wolf is all bad. When he comes to see it differently, nothing but good can come about. The only problem is, will he live through it and still claim his true mate.

The Wilding Pack is a bunch of wild ones. The oldest of one of the Alfa’s is also the craziest in everyone’s eyes, except the River Brothers. She believes that taking a mate is equal to giving up her freedom so she has decided to never let that happen. When she comes across the River brothers her resolve will start to come into question. Can she see past her fear to the truth, or will her past keep her from seeing what is in front of her?

This is the second book of the three part series in the River Pack Wolves series. The other two books are:

Jaxson (River Pack Wolves book 1) 

Jared (River PAck Wolves book 3)

Hope you enjy them!



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