Bone by Bone by Carol O’Connell

Bone by Bone

bone by bone

Carol O’Connell

If you lost your brother would you stop looking for him? Oren did not think he should either. Yet, his father believed that Oren was putting himself in more danger to find his brother and he could not risk losing another son. To help his son, Oren’s father sends him away to a boarding school. Oren is so mad and hurt by this act that he does not come back to his small town home for almost 20 years.

Oren Hobbs has lived his life to help others solve the crimes of injustice throughout the world. Instead of coming home after finishing high school, Oren joins the military and ultimately becomes a CID, Criminal Investigation Unit. After almost 20 years, he has now retired and due to letters from his family’s longtime housekeeper, Oren is coming home. On his first day in town, Oren finds a human jaw bone on the family’s house front steps, is kicked in the shine by his longtime crush, and realizes that though publicly the case of his brother is put on the shelf in reality the sheriff has always been looking into it. Now Oren must decide to find out the truth, or allow the craziness of his world to continue.

Coventry is a wonderfully small town that holds more secretes then it has people. Between the sheriff’s crazy ideas about Oren’s brother Josh’s case, Isabelle Winston’s old hatred, Hannah’s craziness, his father’s sleep walking,  and the rest of towns oddities, Coventry is a place of mystery and wonder mixed with a killer who feels life has been just what was thought to be.

Josh, Oren’s brother, loved to take pictures. Josh did not just take pictures of everything though. Josh liked to tell a story with his photos. Josh was also very good at taking and developing his pictures. He was so good most did not know that pictures were being taken until after the deed was done and if the photos were sold. Josh did not see a problem with this since he did not feel he was hurting anyone. Ultimately though, the wonder has to come into everyone’s mind once bones start to show up that maybe Josh caught a secret or two to many.

Could the bully who tried to crack Josh’s scull open be the killer? The sheriff who seems to know too much but nothing at all; maybe the step-father of the girl who Oren has a crush on for so long but blow his chance with; or even worse, his father who seems to be losing his mind.  Oren is afraid of the outcome in many respects, but he also knows that for his piece of mind along with his family’s sanity, an answer must be found.

Bone by Bone, will have you guessing at suspects and wanting more throughout the book. This book can be found on Amazon for the Kindle as well as in regular book form, which is the way I read it. On the Kindle, it is $9.99 so you might want to try and find it at the library if you want to check it out before buying it. I hope you give this a read and let me know what you think.




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