The Ugly Duckling by Iris Johansen

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Iris Johansen

How would you act if all your life you were told by your mother that the only way to be loved was to be perfect because you were anything but pretty; you are the Ugly Duckling that will never turn into a the beautiful swan? Nell Calder took her mother’s words to heart. Nell became the perfect wife, confidant, business entertainer for her husband, and mother to her four year old daughter. Nell believed she was happy. Nell believed that though she was not pretty, she was still loved enough by her husband. Yet in the span of a single night, her world turns upside down and she has to start being more than she ever thought she could be.

Nickolas Tanek is your everyday man of mystery. He has more money than he can ever spend and a wish for revenge that will only be limited by Nell’s own need. Tanek, as he is commonly referred to, has always been a strong alpha male type. He believes in the right and the wrong, and very little grey in-between. Though he wants his revenge, he always believes in keeping the innocent safe. When he first meets Nell, he is not sure if she is an innocent or just a very good actress. Yet, one thing is sure, she perplexes him.

Due to an attack on the island of Medas, that Nell’s husband is giving, Nell must now learn to recreate herself while at the same time overcoming a life time of doubt and worry. Neel wants her family and life back but soon realizes to have anything again, she must first learn, if not to trust Tanek, to allow him the leeway to give orders and follow them the best she can. Tanek, for his part, has to overcome his unknown feelings for a woman who is nothing like he is used too.

Nell and Tanek, along with some friends, have to bring down an organization as well as learn to give each other the space needed to exact their own revenge against the same organization, but also work together to allow the plans in motion to work. In the end, both revenge and love win out, or both will die. Nell and Tanek are okay with either outcome.

Though this is an older book, from 1996, it is still a great read. There are highs and lows, tears and laughter, and a healthy amount of hate to be given to the bad guys. Though I read it in paperback, I did find it in the Kindle Store for $7.99. I hope you will give this book a chance and tell me what you think.




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