Found (Brides of the Kindred book 4) by Evangeline Anderson

*** For mature audiences. Not for children. Adult Material writen about sex and violence.***

Found (Brides of the Kindred book 4) by Evangeline Anderson

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Found is a little different then the first three books. Though some of the charactors to show up, it is mostly about the cousin of Olivia and Sophia, which Kat found for them. Sadly, though Kat found her she could not rescue her. Instead the least likily of all rescued her…

Lauren Jakes is the cousin that Olivia and Sophia never knew. But once they found out about her, they feel it is their duty to help her. That is where Kat came in last book; she helped to find Lauen, but Kat and her Twin Kindred could not rescue her. Instead she was saved by the very person who has held her captive. Since kidnapping her and holding her captive, Lauren has started to see the good in her abductor, this might be a form of Stockholm Sysndrem but it is the funniest one I have ever read about.

The All Father, who has been terrizing Earth and brought the Kindred to Earth in the first place to help protect it, is the one who has been kidnapping the women of Earth to find the one woman who will help him revive his race.  Xairn, son of The All father, has finally found the right woman. Sadly, he has also found that a part of himself that he has kept hidden as much as possible has also awaked thanks to her. After helping in her rescue, Xairn feels it is his responsibily to keep Lauren safe. But like everything else, there will be obsticals in his way ranging from his own father to himself.

Lauren believes that there is not only good in Xairn, but also love. She sees in him what he most desires but cannot see in himself. Lauren also sees the love she is forming for him. Though he says once he knows she is safe he will leave her for her own safty, this is not something she feels she can live with. She does not wish to be seperated from him in any form.

To help keep Lauren safe, Xairn takes her to a distant world that will help make her undetectible once she goes back to Earth. During their little foraye there, there is nothing but trouble and misunderstanding. Xairn and her will change on this planet, and not just to keep Lauren safe.

Change is good, but will it be enough to help Xairn overcome his fears. Will it be enough to allow Lauren to accept what she is becoming as well. Will the changes bond them or tear them appart once the All father finds out what has happened. Will Xairn’s changes help him understand what will come of himself and Lauren once everything is said and done.

To find out you will just have to read this book to find out. The book on Amazon is $3.99 for the Kindle version. But I honestly believe this is one of the better books in the series. I hope you give it a read and then tell me what you think.




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