Sought (Brides of the Kindred Book 3) by Evangeline Anderson

**This book contains adult content and not suitable for young audiences.**

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Big is Beautiful.” If you are a Twin Kindred, the third main type of kindred, you believe it to the core of your being.

Sought (Brides of the Kindred Book 3) by Evangeline Anderson

Sought CoverKat is the best friend of Olivia and Sophia from the first two books. She is their level-headed friend who believes that there is an answer for everything. Yet, since she has met the twin brothers of Baird and Sylvan, she has not been able to get them out of her mind. To top it all off, they have fallen for her.

Kat O’Connor is a full figure girl to say the least; although she is not one to completely complain about what she looks like, there are things that she would want to change about herself. Kat is also the type of woman to speak her mind and stand up for her friends, or for those who simply need the help. Because of this part of her, she is thrust into a very intimate, yet mental, relationship with the Twin Brothers, Deep and Lock.

Locks Tight and Stabs Deep are Twin Kindred who have come to visit for their brother Baird’s wedding. During the wedding they meet Kat and far in love with her. Twin Kindred come from the planet called Twin Moons. In this planet the larger the woman the more she is revered. The brothers instantly connect with Kat, but she is just being herself and flirting for fun. With Twin Kindred there is a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ brother. Lock the ‘light’ kindred tends to see things as positives and Deep the ‘dark’ kindred sees thing at there worst. The other interesting thing about Twin Kindred is they do not find a mate separately. When they choose a mate it is one female for them to share. This is so ingrained in their genetics that certain touching of a female without the other brother being present can cause them pain. As for how they get along in other areas, you will just have to find out, but I will tell you, it in interesting to say the least.

In Sought, Kat agrees to help the Twins by being their medium of sorts to help find the long-lost cousin of Olivia and Sophia. The problem is, to do this, she first has to allow Deep and lock into her mind. Though she is scared she agrees. Because she is an untrained medium problems occur. These problems manifest after the link is broken from trying to find the cousin. The problems range from debilitating headaches to knowing what each is feeling. These problems become so severe for Kat that she has to be taken to the home world of the Twin Kindred, Twin Moons. From here, a whole new sort of issues start to take place, and you will just have to read the book to actually get the gist of it all. But I will tell you it is a lot and it is great!

Yet, just like everything else in the world, regardless of the world you are on, Love does win out at some point.

Give Sought a read and let me know what you think. I know it is an easy read, but I find it is written well and can even add a smile, a tear, and even a little annoyance towards the brothers. The price is $2.99, but like I said, this is one of the very few I pay to keep reading.



P.S. I have to say, my only problem with this book is the cover. If Kat is big and beautiful, why is the cover of a skinny girl. That is my only real complaint, and that is not a complaint of the book, but of the cover. The book I still love. So please, enjoy it!


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