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Every year we Americans come together to give thanks for our freedoms…

Okay that is what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about, but I have noticed over the years, that people come together for food and football. Do not misunderstand me, I love food as much as the next person; football is not bad either. I just tend to wonder how many people come together and actually give thanks for our freedoms.

In my house, we go over to friends for Thanksgiving. My husband hangs out with his friend, I hangout with my friend, and my kids either watch TV or play games (They do talk with us as well at times but mostly do there own thing). The time leading up to Thanksgiving my oldest talks about how much food there is going to be. I talk with my friend about everything that we are making. My husband freaks a little about making sure everything is ready for us to go over there. My youngest simply asks if he can bring his Kindle and DS. But rarely is anything said about giving thanks for why we have this day. Has the day just been brought down to simply eating, football, and shopping, and trust me you do not want to get me started on the shopping? I hope not.

With all that said, I am guilty of not giving thanks as well. So i would like to thank the past for fighting for my freedoms now. I would also like to thank my friends and family for always being there for me. I would also like to thank my friends from other parts of the world that do not have our Thanksgiving (an American holiday) for allowing me to post and become excited for this holiday. My goal for next year is to remember that Thanksgiving is not about food, football, and for some shopping, but for giving thanks. And for everyone who already remembers this, Thank you for being you and keeping the true meaning of Thanksgiving alive.

That is my little post about Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day and if you are shopping, this being the day after Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday, remember to smile and be happy for everything you are able to buy and for the people who had to work so you could shop.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the holiday season!



Found (Brides of the Kindred book 4) by Evangeline Anderson

*** For mature audiences. Not for children. Adult Material writen about sex and violence.***

Found (Brides of the Kindred book 4) by Evangeline Anderson

Picture from
Picture from

Found is a little different then the first three books. Though some of the charactors to show up, it is mostly about the cousin of Olivia and Sophia, which Kat found for them. Sadly, though Kat found her she could not rescue her. Instead the least likily of all rescued her…

Lauren Jakes is the cousin that Olivia and Sophia never knew. But once they found out about her, they feel it is their duty to help her. That is where Kat came in last book; she helped to find Lauen, but Kat and her Twin Kindred could not rescue her. Instead she was saved by the very person who has held her captive. Since kidnapping her and holding her captive, Lauren has started to see the good in her abductor, this might be a form of Stockholm Sysndrem but it is the funniest one I have ever read about.

The All Father, who has been terrizing Earth and brought the Kindred to Earth in the first place to help protect it, is the one who has been kidnapping the women of Earth to find the one woman who will help him revive his race.  Xairn, son of The All father, has finally found the right woman. Sadly, he has also found that a part of himself that he has kept hidden as much as possible has also awaked thanks to her. After helping in her rescue, Xairn feels it is his responsibily to keep Lauren safe. But like everything else, there will be obsticals in his way ranging from his own father to himself.

Lauren believes that there is not only good in Xairn, but also love. She sees in him what he most desires but cannot see in himself. Lauren also sees the love she is forming for him. Though he says once he knows she is safe he will leave her for her own safty, this is not something she feels she can live with. She does not wish to be seperated from him in any form.

To help keep Lauren safe, Xairn takes her to a distant world that will help make her undetectible once she goes back to Earth. During their little foraye there, there is nothing but trouble and misunderstanding. Xairn and her will change on this planet, and not just to keep Lauren safe.

Change is good, but will it be enough to help Xairn overcome his fears. Will it be enough to allow Lauren to accept what she is becoming as well. Will the changes bond them or tear them appart once the All father finds out what has happened. Will Xairn’s changes help him understand what will come of himself and Lauren once everything is said and done.

To find out you will just have to read this book to find out. The book on Amazon is $3.99 for the Kindle version. But I honestly believe this is one of the better books in the series. I hope you give it a read and then tell me what you think.



Home Depot Workshop for kids … Fun!!

Yesterday was my son’s and I day to spend together. Okay, Saturdays we always spend the morning together. And I have to say, I love it!!! I really do. You see my boys are 13 and 10 and I know I do not have a lot of time to where they are going to want to spend a Saturday morning with their mom. I am even mostly okay with it. So for now, YAY! they want to spend it with me.

Now back to what this outing was about to begin with. 😀

Yesterday, the first Saturday of the month, I took my boys to the Home Depot craft for kids. Home Depot does this every first Saturday of the month, and sometimes throughout the month as well. This month, November of 2015, since it was right around Veterans day, Home Depot was doing a Fighter Jet.

These crafts are not hard for the kids to put together. They are made to be easy. This way any kid, for the most part can participate. Since my kids have been doing this for so long, they even help other kids with tips at times. Plus Home Depot has employees there to help any of the kids get their projects together if needed.


After you put your craft, this week a Fighter Jet, you have the option to paint it or add the stickers they give you for the project. I had one son who had to paint his and one son they just wanted to take it home. I just love how my boys are different. well my youngest, he wanted to paint his. Mind you when he put it together, he hit the wood while hammering in a nail and broke a little piece off the top that looked like the bubble of a Fighter Jet. So when he was painting it, he said it was in an accident and that is why is did not pain that part. He is so funny.

So the Home Depot craft is open for anyone up to the age of 12. But they do not discourage older kinds from doing the craft. My oldest is 13 and he still loves to do them. The employees allow him to do the craft and get the pin that goes along with the craft. Every craft has a pin and a completion certificate. My kids have over 25 pins now. Once you get 10 you get a special pin and when you get to 25, you get a special pin. Someone said you get one at 50 as well, but I do not know if that is true of not.

Needless to say, if you have young ones who like to build things, this is the place to go. You can look on their website, put in your zip code and see where one is by you. They do give you the option to register before the event, that is to make sure they have enough kits, but even if you do not register, you can still just show up. As I said, my kids love it, and my friends kids love it, and she has two girls. So these projects are great for girls and boys.

Have a great time and if you go to one, let me know how you like it!


Sought (Brides of the Kindred Book 3) by Evangeline Anderson

**This book contains adult content and not suitable for young audiences.**

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Big is Beautiful.” If you are a Twin Kindred, the third main type of kindred, you believe it to the core of your being.

Sought (Brides of the Kindred Book 3) by Evangeline Anderson

Sought CoverKat is the best friend of Olivia and Sophia from the first two books. She is their level-headed friend who believes that there is an answer for everything. Yet, since she has met the twin brothers of Baird and Sylvan, she has not been able to get them out of her mind. To top it all off, they have fallen for her.

Kat O’Connor is a full figure girl to say the least; although she is not one to completely complain about what she looks like, there are things that she would want to change about herself. Kat is also the type of woman to speak her mind and stand up for her friends, or for those who simply need the help. Because of this part of her, she is thrust into a very intimate, yet mental, relationship with the Twin Brothers, Deep and Lock.

Locks Tight and Stabs Deep are Twin Kindred who have come to visit for their brother Baird’s wedding. During the wedding they meet Kat and far in love with her. Twin Kindred come from the planet called Twin Moons. In this planet the larger the woman the more she is revered. The brothers instantly connect with Kat, but she is just being herself and flirting for fun. With Twin Kindred there is a ‘light’ and a ‘dark’ brother. Lock the ‘light’ kindred tends to see things as positives and Deep the ‘dark’ kindred sees thing at there worst. The other interesting thing about Twin Kindred is they do not find a mate separately. When they choose a mate it is one female for them to share. This is so ingrained in their genetics that certain touching of a female without the other brother being present can cause them pain. As for how they get along in other areas, you will just have to find out, but I will tell you, it in interesting to say the least.

In Sought, Kat agrees to help the Twins by being their medium of sorts to help find the long-lost cousin of Olivia and Sophia. The problem is, to do this, she first has to allow Deep and lock into her mind. Though she is scared she agrees. Because she is an untrained medium problems occur. These problems manifest after the link is broken from trying to find the cousin. The problems range from debilitating headaches to knowing what each is feeling. These problems become so severe for Kat that she has to be taken to the home world of the Twin Kindred, Twin Moons. From here, a whole new sort of issues start to take place, and you will just have to read the book to actually get the gist of it all. But I will tell you it is a lot and it is great!

Yet, just like everything else in the world, regardless of the world you are on, Love does win out at some point.

Give Sought a read and let me know what you think. I know it is an easy read, but I find it is written well and can even add a smile, a tear, and even a little annoyance towards the brothers. The price is $2.99, but like I said, this is one of the very few I pay to keep reading.



P.S. I have to say, my only problem with this book is the cover. If Kat is big and beautiful, why is the cover of a skinny girl. That is my only real complaint, and that is not a complaint of the book, but of the cover. The book I still love. So please, enjoy it!

Halloween Night and we have No Frights… Well except the weather!


The weather was not very cooperative for Halloween. But that was okay, we had a good time anyways. If you read the other posts in this series you say that we had 13 parties total, or something like that for the week of Halloween. I already write about five of them before Halloween ever got here. Now on Halloween Night, we have less parties then originally planned, but just as much fun!


The first fun spot was the Farmers Market again. They had a little party for the kids who came in costumes. (Okay they let everyone have fun not just kids in costumes.) The Power of Produce Club sponsored it again. They had Pumpkins for decorating, the local paper was out taking pictures, you could decorate suckers, and then you could trick or treat out in the Farmers Market itself.


The different farmers even dressed up to hand out candy to the kids. They were fun to see and even more fun when they would make kids actually say Trick or Treat to get candy!


Well this was only the Farmers Market, but we did go to a few others. I did not get to take pictures at most of them due to the weather. Which was no fun because one was an actually outside Trunk or Treat and I have to commend these people for their dedication. Not only did these people and businesses show up, they also decorated their cars and stood out in the rain to give kids candy. I am just in awe of their dedication to the young. What is more, they had some of the best decorations I have seen. I so wish I could have taken pictures.


IMG_5099 IMG_5100 IMG_5107 IMG_5108 IMG_5110 IMG_5114

As for the other parties, they were great too. Some were get you in and out as fast as they could, others had planned a whole day of it to allow you to have as much fun as you could. Either type of party though, the kids were having a good time

Kids were in store bought costumes to homemade ones, but it did not matter because all the kids looked great.

Though this Halloween has come to an end, I would like to Thank all the organizations that put on Trunk or Treat Events. You do not have to do this, but you do anyways, and I want to let you know we all appreciate it. Thank you very much for all of your hard work. And thank you to the volunteers who come out and give out candy on their own time. You guys are all great. I cannot wait until next year! See everyone on Halloween than as well!!!!

Thanks for following our little Halloween journey this year. Hope you will let me know how yours went and what you liked to do.