Halloween Party 2 and 3.. Thats right I said 2 and 3!!!

Well it is more like kind of two and three. You see the first one of the night I started to get sick so we had to leave early. I felt really bad about that. It was going to be very fun too. They had a dinner and then games and then Trunk or treating. Well we made it through the dinner. I have to say though, Ravenna First Reformed, was a wonderful place. They put out a great dinner for everyone. There was chili dogs, beans, potato salad, cole slaw, nachos and cheese, and homemade apple sauce. All was so yummy!!! The worst part, I did not get any pictures to show you guys. But I am glad we did get to go for a little while. we were hoping to make it back, but it just was not meant to be. 

Oh the other hand, my kids did make it to another Trunk or Treat closer to our house. That one was at Fellowship Reform Church.

First Reform Church
First Reform Church

They were very busy though. But even though they were very busy, they still treated each child like they were special. And when I say they were busy, I mean 30 minutes after the party started there was still a line outside.

Inside they had games, crafts, and table treating instead of the trunk or treating they had hoped for. You have to love a back-up plan.

Games 1 games 2 games 3 games 4

The games inside we fun and lets just be honest, they were made to be won. Well you did win if you made the shot or not. And why not, this is a party not real life. The kids had fun and the adults got to take pictures of smiling happy faces.

Between the Pumpkin Bean Bag toss, Hoop a Witch Hat, Hole in One, and Pumpkin ball toss, plus many others, the kids and adults had a great time. It did not matter if you were playing or watching, either way, there was fun to be had.

The Table Treating was just as fun.

 hall 1 hall 2

The church decorated the halls so even getting to the table treating was a fun progression to go through. They had a little Candy Land Theme going. So cute!!!

Volunteers decorated tables instead of trunks and still gave out candy to all the kids

Table 1 Table 2 Table 4 Table 5

There was spooky tables and fun tables. (I have to say, I love a good Minion Table.)

There were bright tables and dark. But regardless of the type of table it was, all participants were nothing but smiles and fun.

A lot of the volunteers dressed up as well to hand out candy. And I have to say, many were quite inventive with their ideas.

Table 3 Costumes 1

<— Mistress of the Cats

Then we have a cute cat and Stitch—>

Whether you go to one or many, parties are just fun for all. For my friends, family, and myself, I am very thankful for all the parties that go on during this time of year. Thank you all who put these wonderful events together! You help make my family’s Halloween so much extra fun!

Hope everyone else is having a great time as well during this Halloween 2015!



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