Pumpkins Anyone…

Hi everyone. Well yesterday was a fun day for me and my kids. I have to be honest though, yesterday was Saturday and my boys and I always spend the day together. It always makes me happy that they still want to do that with me. Yesterday we started like we normally do, we went to the local Farmers Market. All summer the Farmers MArket hosts a club there called the Power of Produce. My kids have gone every Saturday for the last 16 weeks or so. They have not missed one week. They are lucky that I am such a good mom and get them out there because this week, they had Pumpkins for the kids. Not only that, they also had craft items there if the kids wanted to decorate them. It was great. My boys had so much fun. My oldest took almost an hour to decorate his. Which I have to say is really funny since at first he did not want to do it, but once he started he was completely into it. My youngest just loves anything like that in general so he was all for it.

boys painting pumpkins 2015

This picture was actually taken by one of the volenteers who help out there. Many pictures were taken actually. They were so sweet to the kids and incuraged all avenues of expression. And I have to say they did not stop there. They also had a table where they were making Cornhusk Dolls. My youngest made one and it was so much better then last years. Though I did love his, and my oldest ones, from last year.

Corn Husk 1 Corn Husk 2 All the materials were donated by vendors from teh Farmers Market as well. How nice is that of everyone out there.

I have to say, The Power of Produce club is not only fun but educational too. Every week they have different activities to help the kids learn more about the farmers and the fruits and veggies.

Saturday was so fun for my boys and I, that I just wanted to give a shout out to this wonderful club and the Farmers Market.

Thank you all for everything you have done this summer and last! the kids and I are looking forward to next year as well!

Just a little heads up for next week at the Power of Produce at the Farmers Market. Next week they will be havingmore pumpkins to decorate and different craft projects. On Facebook they even have an event update page. Power of Produce Halloween.

boys painting pumpkins 2015 1 If you live near by, stop by and enjoy the activities. You do not have to belong to the club to have fun with everyone. Plus you get to dress up and go trick or treating with the vendors who are also dressing up. Come see why this is such a great club for next year and have a good time as well.

Okay that is my Saturday story of fun and luck. I hope everyone else had a great day as well.



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