Halloween …. FUN TO BE HAD!!!!

Master Clown
Master Clown

We love Halloween in my family.

**Okay I know not all people like Halloween. I respect your thoughts and beliefs, but please do the same for me and my family.**

So as I was saying, I LOVE Halloween. In fact my whole family does. We have so much fun after the initial, “What do you want to be for Halloween this year kids?” Then we have to scramble to make their costumes more years. Mind you that is normally our fault, but it doesn’t matter because my kids love what we make.

Cool creeper
Cool creeper
The Alien has taken over his body
The Alien has taken over his body

Then you have my hubby and me, we love it so much we actually got married on Halloween. Yep, this Halloween, 2015, we will be married for 10 years. Not bad if you ask me. Well Hubby is also known as Master Clown. This title was given to him by some friends on Facebook because of his page on there. (I will not be putting a link in because it contains some content that some kids should not see. But if you will too see his page on Facebook you can look it up, it is called Clown Cave 2. It isn’t a bad page, just has some things that some kids won’t like. Personally though, I like a lot of it.) Okay back to my story though… Well my hubby is Master Clown, with this monarch he has a Clown Persona that he adopts during Halloween, and a few times throughout the year. I on the other hand, what I love so much about Halloween is how much fun my family and our friends have. I have not gotten truly dressed up in a long time, but I am hoping to change that next year. I will be 42, the answer to the most important question (A little nod to the Hitchhikers Guild to the Galaxy there), so I must look great. So this year, I have helped make costumes, and it has been so much fun.

This year, 2015, Halloween also falls on a Saturday. How exciting is that. So where the kids can normally just go trick or treating for a couple of hours, yes there is a time limit now, I just don’t get that but I digress, this yet it is an all day event. But wait, it gets better… This year there is Trunk or Treat Parties throughout the week leading up to Halloween, than on Halloween there are even more parties and trick or treating itself. So this year more then ever, Halloween is an event. We are so excited.

 Because of our love of Halloween, I have decided to blog about each party leading up to the big event. There is not a party every day, but between Sunday and Saturday (Halloween) there are 4. Today we went to one, and it was so cute and so nice of the church that it inspired me to write. So I will be doing a series of these blogs just for this weeks Trunk or Treats, and then the main event on Saturday. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we are going to enjoy going to them.

Happy Halloween Everyone!



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