Hunted (Brides of the Kindred book 2) by Evangeline Anderson

**Let me start by saying, this book is for mature audiences. There is sexual content and violence.**

With that said, and as I said in the first book review, I love this whole series. It is one of the few I buy when the book comes out. So let me tell you a little about the second book in the series…

Hunted (Brides of the Kindred book 2)


Sophia, Olivia’s sister, is scared to death of any kind of needle or the thought of vampires. Yet, Sophia loves her sister and will do anything for her, including following a tradition of the Maid Of Honor kissing the Best Man in a Kindred ceremony. To where Oliva, was scared of the Beast Kindred, Sophia is horrified of the Tranq (or more commonly refered to as Blood) Kindred. Which is just her luck because Baird’s brother Sylvan happens to be a Tranq Kindred and the best Man in question.

Sylvan is transfixed by Sophia, but he does not know why. Because of this, he tried to stay clear of her. He has two reasons for this, one is an oath to never love another, and the second is her fear of him. Yet, as any good story will go, they are always thrown together. In this case it is in a ship where Sylvan is taking Sophia back to Earth from the Mother Ship in space. On the way to Earth, their ship is attacked and they are forced to go down in a remote area.

While holed up waiting for rescue, they are still being hunted by hybrid dogs designed to sniff out who or whatever they are told to find. In this case it is Sophia. The only way to throw the hounds off their “scent” Sophia must change hers. Sylvan has a way to help with that, but is worried about how she will take the suggestion.

After they are rescued, it is decided that Sophia must be protected. The best way for this to happen is for Sylvan to take her to his home world of Tranq Prime. There a whole new set of problems come up. Some are much more comical than others, and others are worse for all involved.

Will Sophia over come her fears and understand that her love for Sylvan is stronger? Will Sylvan ever understand that the past was not the future he deserved or will his stubbornness overwhelm his heart? More importantly, will the surprise at the end bring more questions than answers?

Evangeline Anderson has written many books within the romance genera. If you want a good read with great sex scenes this is a great book, and series. Evangeline also has her own website you can get updates and learn more about her books: Evangeline Anderson just click the link to see all of her books.

Though this book is $3.99, I still think it is worth it. But if you are like me and low on cash flow at times, put the book in your wish list, there are times it does go for free. But honestly, I totally think it is worth the price. Read on my loves to find out. Let me know what you think? DId you like it? Did you find it a bit much? Was I right or wrong in my liking it? Let me know your thoughts!

 Thanks for checking out this post and Enjoy!



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