SpeedWay Gas Station

Okay my wonderful readers, this is an odd review I know. But we have all had experiences while we were out that just needs to be talked about. Today at SpeedWay my sons and I had such an experience.


You see, Every Saturday my sons and I spend the morning together. We go to the Farmers Market, and then to some stores, and normally on the way home we go to a SpeedWay near our home. My youngest son loves their croissants with cheese and bacon. The thing is though, they do not have that as a normal item; the employees have to make it special for him. Well this Saturday, we only went in for sodas but while we were walking around the store, the manager came out and gave my son his sandwich that he loves. She made the sandwich just because she saw he was there and knew he loved them. Isn’t that amazing! I swear, that is one of the many reasons why I love this SpeedWay.

How many times have you gone into a business and thought, gee would it kill them to recognize me (even as a person let along as a customer). I know I have. But this SpeedWay is amazing with remembering who their customers are. i love the little touches of knowing a customer brings to the interaction of a transaction.

I feel truly lucky we were able to find this SpeedyWay and the nice and helpful people who work there. Thank you SpeedyWay for always exceeding what is expected!

So my wondrous reads, do you have a favorite store of some kind that you just love to go to? IS there one that just jumps out at you and makes you think… “Gee, wish all stores were like this,”? That is what this SpeedWay does for my family. If you do have a store like that, let us know. Plus, let that store know, I know they would appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some good, and at times bad stores for some of you!


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