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Parties 4 and 5 are done…


Our first little party was at the Lakeshore Museum Center. it is a great place to go and have while learning about different times in history as well as about health and invention. The Museum also has different programs for home schooler to summer programs. Needless to say, they also do holiday events as well. For Halloween this year they did a Trick or Treat inside the museum. They had different people set up through out the museum to hand out candy to all the kids.

Lakeshore Museum Center
Lakeshore Museum Center
Lakeshore Museum Center
Lakeshore Museum Center

The Museum even had pumpkins you could vote on as your favorite.

Lakeshore Museum Center
Lakeshore Museum Center
Lakeshore Museum Center
Lakeshore Museum Center

Okay this pumpkin was not one you could vote on, but it was just so cute, I had to include it! What do you think, would you have voted for it?

This party was not as elaberate as the other three, but it was just as fun and the staff was very nice to do this for all of the kids. We Thank Lakeshore Museum Center for there wanting to make Halloween fun for all!

The next Trunk or Treat was at First Christian Church.

First Christian Church
First Christian Church
First Christian Chirch
First Christian Chirch

This one was busy! There was a line in front of us and behind us, and even as the line was moving, more kids were coming. But that did not deter anyone. Everyone was willing to wait and just enjoy the company of the other trick or treaters.

There was a small parking lot so they had people inside and out giving out candy.

FCC Line 4 FCC Line 5

Though there were only a few outside trunks, I have to say, this one was the most diverse in how the trunks were decorated so far. On the left we have a nice little pumpkin scene. On the right, a hooked severed clown head. You cannot get much different than that.

Tonight, the parties were smaller but just as many people. But one of the things I liked about each party, was though they were smaller, the event coordinators still did everything they could for everyone to have a good time. Again, I would like to thank each event for hosting the parties. We had a great time and cannot wait until next year now!

So this was our day, tomorrow, halloween itself, will be here. If the weather is as bad as it says it will be, then we will only be able to go to parties. If the weather is decient, will notsay good, than we are going to get actual trick or treating in.

What are your plans for the day? Do you do anything? Do you only go to parties? Do you mix it up with a little of this and a little of that??? Whatever it is you choose to do, from my family to your, hope you are safe and have a wonderful Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween


Halloween Party 2 and 3.. Thats right I said 2 and 3!!!

Well it is more like kind of two and three. You see the first one of the night I started to get sick so we had to leave early. I felt really bad about that. It was going to be very fun too. They had a dinner and then games and then Trunk or treating. Well we made it through the dinner. I have to say though, Ravenna First Reformed, was a wonderful place. They put out a great dinner for everyone. There was chili dogs, beans, potato salad, cole slaw, nachos and cheese, and homemade apple sauce. All was so yummy!!! The worst part, I did not get any pictures to show you guys. But I am glad we did get to go for a little while. we were hoping to make it back, but it just was not meant to be. 

Oh the other hand, my kids did make it to another Trunk or Treat closer to our house. That one was at Fellowship Reform Church.

First Reform Church
First Reform Church

They were very busy though. But even though they were very busy, they still treated each child like they were special. And when I say they were busy, I mean 30 minutes after the party started there was still a line outside.

Inside they had games, crafts, and table treating instead of the trunk or treating they had hoped for. You have to love a back-up plan.

Games 1 games 2 games 3 games 4

The games inside we fun and lets just be honest, they were made to be won. Well you did win if you made the shot or not. And why not, this is a party not real life. The kids had fun and the adults got to take pictures of smiling happy faces.

Between the Pumpkin Bean Bag toss, Hoop a Witch Hat, Hole in One, and Pumpkin ball toss, plus many others, the kids and adults had a great time. It did not matter if you were playing or watching, either way, there was fun to be had.

The Table Treating was just as fun.

 hall 1 hall 2

The church decorated the halls so even getting to the table treating was a fun progression to go through. They had a little Candy Land Theme going. So cute!!!

Volunteers decorated tables instead of trunks and still gave out candy to all the kids

Table 1 Table 2 Table 4 Table 5

There was spooky tables and fun tables. (I have to say, I love a good Minion Table.)

There were bright tables and dark. But regardless of the type of table it was, all participants were nothing but smiles and fun.

A lot of the volunteers dressed up as well to hand out candy. And I have to say, many were quite inventive with their ideas.

Table 3 Costumes 1

<— Mistress of the Cats

Then we have a cute cat and Stitch—>

Whether you go to one or many, parties are just fun for all. For my friends, family, and myself, I am very thankful for all the parties that go on during this time of year. Thank you all who put these wonderful events together! You help make my family’s Halloween so much extra fun!

Hope everyone else is having a great time as well during this Halloween 2015!


Halloween Party 1 … Our Saviour Luthern Church

Our Saviour Luthern Church Entrance Banner
Our Saviour Luthern Church Entrance Banner

Our first of 11 parties is in the books.

The party was held at Our Saviour Luthern Church, Michigan. It was a Trunk or Treat that they sponsored. They had volunteers that helped by decorating their trunks and truck beds as well as passed out candy to all the kids that came.

King and Queen of the night
King and Queen of the night

This lovely Vampire Couple were a fun time to visit. She handed out candy and he kept trying to take a bit out of the trick or treaters.

Momma and her Baby spider
Momma and her Baby spider

Momma gave out the candy and even allowed the kids to pet her baby glow in the dark spider. Some kids were even brave enough to pet him too.

Scaredy Squirrel anyone...
Scaredy Squirrel anyone…

In truth she was not scared but lots of fun. She even let the kids pet her paws when they asked.

Linus' Pumpkin Patch
Linus’ Pumpkin Patch

And what Trunk or Treat is not complete without Linus’ Pumpkin Patch? Who knows, maybe this is the year that The Great Pumpkin will come!!!

Frozen Sisters
Frozen Sisters

Though it was not Frozen outside, Elsa and Anna were the picture perfect pair handing out candy and taking pictures with the kids!

But the fun was not just outside with the trunk or treaters. There were also games where kids could win prizes and have a good time. Inside they were even offering pizza and a drink.

Dinner is served
Dinner is served

There was all kinds of costumes from the cute to the scary, but all was done with fun. One of the things I honestly liked the most of this Trunk or treat was how many homemade costumes there were.

Scary Clown
Scary Clown
creepy bunny
creepy bunny

From Scary Clowns … to freaky Bunny …

Cheeta and Nerdy Zebra
Cheetah and Nerdy Zebra
Death Dealer
Death Dealer

Cheetah and nerdy zebra …

to the gross masked death dealer…

You just have to love the resourcefulness of these parents and kids. This just shows a good time can be had by all without having to break the bank to do it. I cannot wait to see what more fun I am going to see at the next party and the ones after that.

For this being our first party of the Halloween season, I think it was a lot of fun. I hope everyone else is having fun this Halloween season as well.

Our next party is tomorrow and I will have a whole new batch of pictures and fun to tell about. Until then I am wishing everyone a very happy and spooky Halloween!


Pumpkins Anyone…

Hi everyone. Well yesterday was a fun day for me and my kids. I have to be honest though, yesterday was Saturday and my boys and I always spend the day together. It always makes me happy that they still want to do that with me. Yesterday we started like we normally do, we went to the local Farmers Market. All summer the Farmers MArket hosts a club there called the Power of Produce. My kids have gone every Saturday for the last 16 weeks or so. They have not missed one week. They are lucky that I am such a good mom and get them out there because this week, they had Pumpkins for the kids. Not only that, they also had craft items there if the kids wanted to decorate them. It was great. My boys had so much fun. My oldest took almost an hour to decorate his. Which I have to say is really funny since at first he did not want to do it, but once he started he was completely into it. My youngest just loves anything like that in general so he was all for it.

boys painting pumpkins 2015

This picture was actually taken by one of the volenteers who help out there. Many pictures were taken actually. They were so sweet to the kids and incuraged all avenues of expression. And I have to say they did not stop there. They also had a table where they were making Cornhusk Dolls. My youngest made one and it was so much better then last years. Though I did love his, and my oldest ones, from last year.

Corn Husk 1 Corn Husk 2 All the materials were donated by vendors from teh Farmers Market as well. How nice is that of everyone out there.

I have to say, The Power of Produce club is not only fun but educational too. Every week they have different activities to help the kids learn more about the farmers and the fruits and veggies.

Saturday was so fun for my boys and I, that I just wanted to give a shout out to this wonderful club and the Farmers Market.

Thank you all for everything you have done this summer and last! the kids and I are looking forward to next year as well!

Just a little heads up for next week at the Power of Produce at the Farmers Market. Next week they will be havingmore pumpkins to decorate and different craft projects. On Facebook they even have an event update page. Power of Produce Halloween.

boys painting pumpkins 2015 1 If you live near by, stop by and enjoy the activities. You do not have to belong to the club to have fun with everyone. Plus you get to dress up and go trick or treating with the vendors who are also dressing up. Come see why this is such a great club for next year and have a good time as well.

Okay that is my Saturday story of fun and luck. I hope everyone else had a great day as well.


Halloween …. FUN TO BE HAD!!!!

Master Clown
Master Clown

We love Halloween in my family.

**Okay I know not all people like Halloween. I respect your thoughts and beliefs, but please do the same for me and my family.**

So as I was saying, I LOVE Halloween. In fact my whole family does. We have so much fun after the initial, “What do you want to be for Halloween this year kids?” Then we have to scramble to make their costumes more years. Mind you that is normally our fault, but it doesn’t matter because my kids love what we make.

Cool creeper
Cool creeper
The Alien has taken over his body
The Alien has taken over his body

Then you have my hubby and me, we love it so much we actually got married on Halloween. Yep, this Halloween, 2015, we will be married for 10 years. Not bad if you ask me. Well Hubby is also known as Master Clown. This title was given to him by some friends on Facebook because of his page on there. (I will not be putting a link in because it contains some content that some kids should not see. But if you will too see his page on Facebook you can look it up, it is called Clown Cave 2. It isn’t a bad page, just has some things that some kids won’t like. Personally though, I like a lot of it.) Okay back to my story though… Well my hubby is Master Clown, with this monarch he has a Clown Persona that he adopts during Halloween, and a few times throughout the year. I on the other hand, what I love so much about Halloween is how much fun my family and our friends have. I have not gotten truly dressed up in a long time, but I am hoping to change that next year. I will be 42, the answer to the most important question (A little nod to the Hitchhikers Guild to the Galaxy there), so I must look great. So this year, I have helped make costumes, and it has been so much fun.

This year, 2015, Halloween also falls on a Saturday. How exciting is that. So where the kids can normally just go trick or treating for a couple of hours, yes there is a time limit now, I just don’t get that but I digress, this yet it is an all day event. But wait, it gets better… This year there is Trunk or Treat Parties throughout the week leading up to Halloween, than on Halloween there are even more parties and trick or treating itself. So this year more then ever, Halloween is an event. We are so excited.

 Because of our love of Halloween, I have decided to blog about each party leading up to the big event. There is not a party every day, but between Sunday and Saturday (Halloween) there are 4. Today we went to one, and it was so cute and so nice of the church that it inspired me to write. So I will be doing a series of these blogs just for this weeks Trunk or Treats, and then the main event on Saturday. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we are going to enjoy going to them.

Happy Halloween Everyone!


Hunted (Brides of the Kindred book 2) by Evangeline Anderson

**Let me start by saying, this book is for mature audiences. There is sexual content and violence.**

With that said, and as I said in the first book review, I love this whole series. It is one of the few I buy when the book comes out. So let me tell you a little about the second book in the series…

Hunted (Brides of the Kindred book 2)


Sophia, Olivia’s sister, is scared to death of any kind of needle or the thought of vampires. Yet, Sophia loves her sister and will do anything for her, including following a tradition of the Maid Of Honor kissing the Best Man in a Kindred ceremony. To where Oliva, was scared of the Beast Kindred, Sophia is horrified of the Tranq (or more commonly refered to as Blood) Kindred. Which is just her luck because Baird’s brother Sylvan happens to be a Tranq Kindred and the best Man in question.

Sylvan is transfixed by Sophia, but he does not know why. Because of this, he tried to stay clear of her. He has two reasons for this, one is an oath to never love another, and the second is her fear of him. Yet, as any good story will go, they are always thrown together. In this case it is in a ship where Sylvan is taking Sophia back to Earth from the Mother Ship in space. On the way to Earth, their ship is attacked and they are forced to go down in a remote area.

While holed up waiting for rescue, they are still being hunted by hybrid dogs designed to sniff out who or whatever they are told to find. In this case it is Sophia. The only way to throw the hounds off their “scent” Sophia must change hers. Sylvan has a way to help with that, but is worried about how she will take the suggestion.

After they are rescued, it is decided that Sophia must be protected. The best way for this to happen is for Sylvan to take her to his home world of Tranq Prime. There a whole new set of problems come up. Some are much more comical than others, and others are worse for all involved.

Will Sophia over come her fears and understand that her love for Sylvan is stronger? Will Sylvan ever understand that the past was not the future he deserved or will his stubbornness overwhelm his heart? More importantly, will the surprise at the end bring more questions than answers?

Evangeline Anderson has written many books within the romance genera. If you want a good read with great sex scenes this is a great book, and series. Evangeline also has her own website you can get updates and learn more about her books: Evangeline Anderson just click the link to see all of her books.

Though this book is $3.99, I still think it is worth it. But if you are like me and low on cash flow at times, put the book in your wish list, there are times it does go for free. But honestly, I totally think it is worth the price. Read on my loves to find out. Let me know what you think? DId you like it? Did you find it a bit much? Was I right or wrong in my liking it? Let me know your thoughts!

 Thanks for checking out this post and Enjoy!


SpeedWay Gas Station

Okay my wonderful readers, this is an odd review I know. But we have all had experiences while we were out that just needs to be talked about. Today at SpeedWay my sons and I had such an experience.


You see, Every Saturday my sons and I spend the morning together. We go to the Farmers Market, and then to some stores, and normally on the way home we go to a SpeedWay near our home. My youngest son loves their croissants with cheese and bacon. The thing is though, they do not have that as a normal item; the employees have to make it special for him. Well this Saturday, we only went in for sodas but while we were walking around the store, the manager came out and gave my son his sandwich that he loves. She made the sandwich just because she saw he was there and knew he loved them. Isn’t that amazing! I swear, that is one of the many reasons why I love this SpeedWay.

How many times have you gone into a business and thought, gee would it kill them to recognize me (even as a person let along as a customer). I know I have. But this SpeedWay is amazing with remembering who their customers are. i love the little touches of knowing a customer brings to the interaction of a transaction.

I feel truly lucky we were able to find this SpeedyWay and the nice and helpful people who work there. Thank you SpeedyWay for always exceeding what is expected!

So my wondrous reads, do you have a favorite store of some kind that you just love to go to? IS there one that just jumps out at you and makes you think… “Gee, wish all stores were like this,”? That is what this SpeedWay does for my family. If you do have a store like that, let us know. Plus, let that store know, I know they would appreciate it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some good, and at times bad stores for some of you!

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred book 1) by Evangeline Anderson

**Let me start by saying, this book is for mature audiences. There is sexual content and violence.**

With that stated, let me also say, I LOVE not only this book but the WHOLE SERIES and I can not wait for the next one to come out. Now on to the book itself.

Claimed (Brides of the Kindred book 1)

Claimed Brides of teh Kindred Book 1

Olivia is very family orientated. This is because she has a twin sister that she loves dearly, plus a best friend her and her sister have been friends with forever it seems. Olivia has just come out of a long relationship and because of that, has been required to join the Kindred Draft. What is the Kindred draft, that is easy, it is a draft that calls brides to the alien race of Kindred.

Baird is one of the three main type of Kindred, the Beast Kindred. Baird has had a very hard time during the war that has required the first place. Baird was captured and tortured, but remained sane through a dream connection he had with Olivia. Because of this dream connection, Baird knows that Olivia is his soul mate and calls her to be a bride.

Olivia has not fear of the Kindred, as everyone on Earth sees them as saviors to the planet, on the other hand, she does not want to be called as a bride. She had just started getting her life back together from her break up of a long-term relationship. Though Olivia is not happy about the being called and being dragged out of her home, she is most scared of being called by a Beast Kindred.

From the time Olivia and Baird meet there are fireworks, but she refuses to acknowledge them. All she wants is to go back to her twin sister and best friend and get on with the life she had planned. In the calling of the brides, the Kindred have one month to have the woman fall in love and choose to stay with them, otherwise the woman is free to go. Olivia is determined to not fall in love and stay so she can get back to her family. Baird is determined to have her forever and will do anything to prove it.

Though Olivia and Baird are from two different worlds, literally, one thing is clear, love is the same no matter where you are.

Evangeline Anderson has written many books within the romance genera. If you want a good read with great sex scenes this is a great book, and series. Evangeline also has her own website you can get updates and learn more about her books: Evangeline Anderson just click the link to see all of her books.

Let us know what you think of this book when you read it. Also the best part, this book is free. YAY!!!!