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Seven Patients, Atul Kumar, book, Part 2

Well I finished Seven Patients by Atul Kumar, and I must say, I now have a healthy new vision of how hospitals could potentially work. In Seven Patients Raj is an intern and is becoming quite adapted at his chosen profession. He is the highest ranked him all his classes and the senior doctors respect him and his decisions. After about a year on the floor, different rounds throughout the hospital, Raj has learned that being a Doctor is more than simply helping his patients.

7 patients

Seven Patients follows Raj and seven of his most memorable patients. These patients and the doctors who are teaching him bring a change in Raj that he never could have guessed at. It also gave him a new understanding and respect for the medical field.Raj is a smart caring man. He wants to be a doctor to help people. After a crazy first day his education in true hospital ethics is started. He watches as the head ER doctor and a detective work on to individuals to see what happened to a baby who came in. The baby was shaken and was dying.  They needed the information to help save this poor 6 week old babies life and the only pay to get it was to play hardball with the two people who were at the house when it happened. Raj had never even fathomed that hospital ethics could be stretched so far by the time the interview is over. This is only the start of a very interesting education of medicine, ethics, and politics.

For me, it gave me a whole new thought that I better never tick off a doctor or else I might not like the treatment I get. As it says in one part of the book, treatment is still in the word, ‘mistreatment’.  Remember that next time you go to a hospital or simply for a check up. Respect those who hold your life in their hands, you never know when they may have enough and distinguish that life with their own special brand of treatment.

Hope you can give this book a try. It is very terminology bound, but it only makes the book that much better. There are two Appendix, the first one is Acronyms, and the second is Definitions. Both of these will come in handy while reading this book. On a personal note, I enjoyed learning new terminology.