The Bad Place, by Dean R. Koontz (My go to book)

love to read

For the LOVE of books… :o)

Okay everyone we love our books. We all know we do, other wise we wouldn’t be either writing this page, or reading this page. But one thing is for certain, once we find that one book that makes us happy, sad, mad, frustrated, and so many more emotions, we never want o put it down. Then when it comes to the end, we want to pick it up again and start the emotional journey again. I have many books like this.

This love of books started with one book though. The Bad Place, by Dean R. Koontz. I was 15 the first time I read this book. It has always been hard for me to read so I avoided it like the plague every chance I got. My mom and brother, who read all the time, were reading Koontz’s other books. I heard them talking about this one and thought there is no way a book like this was written, I was wrong. So my first full novel read by myself by choice was Dean R. Zoontz, The Bad Place.

The Bad Place

What would you do if you woke up night after night and always had something strange, and at times frightening, in you hand and not know how it got there? Frank Pollard has this problem now. He is afraid to sleep. He is afraid of what will happen next. All he really knows is he does not want to go back to The Bad Place. He decides to seek the help of a couple of detectives, the Dakota’s.

The Dakota’s are in love and love their business. When they take a job they feel they are in it for the long haul. Sadly, they take on Frank’s case to find out what happens to him when he sleeps. By finding out what happens, they uncover a web of supernatural family secretes that no one could ever imagine.

The Dakota’s are taken on a trip from the unthinkable to want to be forgettable. They will travel this world and another while trying to stay one step ahead of a killer and keep their client from disappearing night after night.

This book, along with other Koontz books, keep me going when my brain is failing to make connections. The Bad Place, though titled bad place, brings me back to many good places and memories. That is what books do for us. They bring us back to a time when life was easier or at least less stressful.

Give the book a try and tell me what you think.



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