The Man who Ended the World, by Jason Gurley, book

The Man Who Ended The World, by Jason Gurley, was a tad bit scary in the fact that there really are wacky rich people out there. This book shows what a wack-o with money can do when given the slightest opportunity.

the man who ended the world

The Man Who Ended The World, by Jason Gurley, takes us through the  who, what, when, where, and why  Mr. Glass wants to destroy the world. His reasons are sound in his own mind, but to the rest of the world he would be considered crazy as a loon.

Mr. Steven Glass is one of, if not the, richest men in the world. He believes himself a visionary. Sadly his vision is to destroy the world and all who live upon it. Ultimately he even believes himself to be destroyed to allow the earth a basic rebirth. To help accomplish this feat, he has constructed an underground bunker with more amenities than the grandest mansions and conservationists in the world. Best of all, he has constructed the bunker to have both worlds in one. He not only had a living space built, but also a forest and a beach, all underground. He believes he will live through the destruction he causes until he feels his life is ready to end as well. Yet, he still wants all the comforts of home and outside life. There is a glitch in his plan though…

Henry, a precocious 11-year-old found a stranger fascinating and decided to follow him one day. He knew the man looked familiar, but he could not place him. He follows him to a closed junk yard and watches him climb into a trunk. When the man does not come back out right away Henry breaks into the junk yard and tries to open the trunk and save him. The trunk won’t budge though. Realizing he has to get home before he gets in trouble he heads home. Once home he tells his father what he saw, sadly, his father simply dismisses him and tells him to get ready for dinner. Later that night he sees a broadcast that talks about a Mr. Steven Glass and how he has been missing for eight days. Henry realizes that is the man he saw climb into the trunk and not come out.

After retiring to his room he is startled by his best friend Clarissa. Clarissa has run away from home and has been staying under Henry’s bed since. Henry tells Clarissa what he saw and she asks questions and talks about what it all means and what they should do. They come to the conclusion that since Clarissa is no longer going to school, she will stake out the junk yard and see if he comes back up.

Mr. Glass has finally descended into his bunker for good. Though he is technically alone, he does have an artificial intelligence he created to keep him informed of the world about him until he destroys it, and to keep him company (though he did not realize it at the time). Stacy, the artificial intelligence, is the most advanced technology around. ‘She’ as he calls her, is also self-aware. Stacy has come to the conclusion that Mr. Glass is crazy and that she either has to derail his idea or stop him. To do this she will need help. This is where Henry and Clarissa come into play. They have to choose to either live and give up their families, or to die knowing what is actually going on. What would you choose? Life and a possibility to save others, or death with your family knowing you might have been able to stop it.

The Man Who Ended the World brings us into a reality that could come to pass. While at the same time reminding us that life is precious and full of hard choices. Which choice will be made, can redemption be found? Does life go on, or will it end with only the bunker remaining?

Reading, The Man Who Ended The World, will remind us why we are who we are or what choices we make and why we make them. Life is hard, but would you end it all if you could?

Enjoy the read if you choose. This book does go on sale and is free at times. You can get it for your Kindle at Amazon. Right now though the kindle version is $3.99.



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