I Met A Demon (Based on Actual Events), Petronela Ungureanu (Books)

Written by, Petronela Ungureanu

I Met a Demon, by Petronela Ungureanu was an interesting read. By being a short story (believed to be fact or fiction by the reader), this allowed me to be able to read it on a day where I thought I would not have had the chance to read at all.

“Petronela Ungureanu is a fantasy writer and a journalist living in a picturesque part of poetic Romania. She takes great pleasure in simple things like walking barefoot in the grass, or reading Jane Austen in front of a good fire, surrounded by her numerous purring cats. When the time feels right, she mysteriously withdraws in her favorite corner where she concocts fantastical stories about elves, fairies, gnomes and other wondrous creatures.” (Amazon page) She also has her own blog at http://www.unikorna.blogspot.com/ to check out more of her thoughts and works.

I Met a Demon, is about a young man who is sent to work in a village in the country. It is 1976 and the communists were ruling the country. He was not happy about being set to the country since there was a lack of gas and his car was a gas hog. After convincing his boss to allow him to stay in the village to save money he gets a very small studio home. This is when things started to go strange for him. With in this strangeness, he starts to remember what his Grandma had done for him with in their Christian religion. With that thought firmly in mind he realizes that the strangeness and the ultimate face to face  is worth taking seriously. He left and never looked back.

I Met a Demon gives a new take on an old belief. Whether you take this book as a true story, or a simple short story from Petronela Ungureanu’s imagination, one this is true, you will have a new respect for the little bumps in the night and the shadows from the corner of your eye.

If you like mystery, the unknown, the misunderstood, then this is the book for you!

Hope you can give it a try. If you have an account with Amazon and you are a Prime Member then you can rent the book for free. I do believe you will not be disappointed.




One thought on “I Met A Demon (Based on Actual Events), Petronela Ungureanu (Books)

  1. This sounds great! And you sound like you have a lot in common with the author….” surrounded by her numerous purring cats 😉

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