Hackely Public Library

Front View of the library
Front View of the library

When I had started this page last night, I was thinking more of outings that involved going outside in some way other than going to a place. Today though, I went to our local library (yes this is the building of our local library) and realized one very important detail about outings, you go out to do them. With that in mind, I truly believe that this outing deserves a mention.

Today at the Hackley Public Library, they had a kids event that was completely spectacular. A nice man came in to talk to the kids (and parents) about Geo’s and the Quartz inside of them. I will be honest, I have been to a few of these events all summer, and though they have been good, they have not captivated me as much as this one did.

Here is the add that Hackley Library has up on their website.

Today the program explained about how Geo’s were formed and then how Quartz were formed inside. It was very interesting. He involved the kids by asking questions and allowing the children to handle his displays. He had a handout that explained (again what he said) Geo’s and Quartz so the kids could continue to learn.

Then to top off a great an interesting presentation, he brought Geo’s from Indiana and allowed each child and parent to pick one and help break it open. The children had so much fun, and I saw how much the parents were enjoying this as well. Mr. Tchozeski  had everyone laughing with what he would tell each person to  think about right before the hit the Geo. Everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Whether you have kids or not, you should check out your public library and see their events. They will have events for Adults as well as kids. They also normally have different classes that one might be interested in taking for free (normally). Visit your local library, you will always find you own world of adventure each time you do.

If you know a library that is great or just simple happy memories of libraries, let me here (read) them. Libraries are wonderful places that allow us to learn and imagine more with each visit!



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