Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion, (Book)

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion was first a book then a major motion picture. My sister-in-law told me that I should read the book since I had seen the movie. Normally, it bothers me a bit to watch a movie and then read the book, or read the book and then watch a movie. I tend to become aggravated by the huge differences that don’t need to be there. Lucky for me, the book is just different enough that I can view the Movie and the Book as to separate stores. For this post, I am only reviewing the book though. I will be watching Warm Bodies, the movie again to be able to give an honest review of that one though.

Isaac Marion’s book, Warm Bodies, gives us another view of what Zombies maybe like. In this version of the classic zombie story the zombies are more humanized while at the same time still making them flesh-eating killers. He also resurrects the classic Romeo and Juliet story with a Zombie, “R,” and a human, “Julie,” in the starring roles.

“R” I know odd name, but come on he is a zombie. He is just happy to have that much of his name left. “R,” lives in an airport. He lives in what is referred to as a hive. Many zombies live at the airport in a kind of social equilibrium. “R,” is a slight different then the rest though. He thinks a bit more and wonders even more than that. He has the closest thing to a friend a zombie can have by the name of “M.” They tend to go out together on hunts and socialize as much as a zombie will. After one of these hunts “R” is just simply moving like always. He rides the people mover over and over again. Except this time, there is another zombie doing the same. They pass on the people mover going different directions then come back and pass again. “R” and this zombie woman get zombie version married and the Boneys’, their closet things to leaders they have, give them two zombie children. A little while later “R” is restless…

Julie, a perfectly normal all American name, in a no longer America world, is living in one of the last refuge camps in America. She lives with thousands of people just trying to survive. Julie is different as well though. Julie still has hope for the future. She does not know how it will get better but she knows with hope and faith it will come to pass. Julie is also has a boyfriend, Perry, and a best friend, Nora, who are ever-present in her life. This presence is beyond the everyday life, it is also part of her survival life as well. They all go out on a scavenger mission for supplies for the stadium refuges need. In this outing though, everything goes wrong…

“R” sees Julie and everything seems to change for him. Sadly, this is after he starts devouring her boyfriends brains and getting glimpses of their life together. When he comes out of his slight dream state, he sees his friend “M” going to help himself to a Julie brunch. “R” refuses to let it happen. He intercedes and saves her. He not only saves her but brings her back to the airport under the illusion of turning her into a zombie too.

From there, the story simply evolves into a boy meets girl, boy kidnaps girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl tries to get a way from but, girl falls for boy, boy and girl save the world kind of story. This book may not be for everyone, but for those who like the a little comedy and odd romance intertwined with their gore, then you will enjoy this book.

If you give it a try or have already read it, let me know. I would love to hear (read) your thoughts. If you agree or disagree let me know. 🙂

You can get the book at your local bookstore or even online at Amazon. Just click on the link and it will take you right to the page.


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