P.F. Hoffmaster Park, Muskegon, MI


What a great day we had today out there. P. F. Hoffmaster is a great park for those who just like to take the littlest of walks to the more entailed ones. Today we (as in me, my two sons, my BFF and her two kids) went on a simpler walk today. This walk started with a nice little picnic in a covered area. One of the best elements of this area is the large outdoor Fireplace. This can be used simply to keep warm on the cool nights, or as a fun time to roast marsh mellows. We used the area to enjoy our picnic though.

Then we went on a nice hike through one of the numbered trails that allow you to choose your path along the way. One of the ideas behind this section of the hiking trails is the numbering system they use. Along the way you will see numbers and a couple of maps posted. You can look for your number on the map and choose which direction you want to go, or if you want to go back to the picnic area. We choose a nice round about way for our hike. there were a few ups and downs but not to bad where one would become tired or fatigued it a little out of shape, which I am. It is a nice walk to simply get your heart pumping but not hurting.

There are other trails throughout the park though. There are different lengths as well as skill. Another great way the P. F. Hoffmaster is public friendly, is their shorter hiking trails that are actually costumed for those in wheeled chairs or need help walking. These trails are not as long, but they do end with a beautiful view of the beach. There is also a wonderful center to help teach visitors about the different animals that can be found at P. F. Hoffmaster as well as a little interaction area that visitors can see some of the animals and geology aspects of the Park.

Normally we go on the trail called “One Mile Trail,” That is where the picture on the top came from. This trail is a little more intense of a hike though. There are many ups and downs as well as thin trails to follow. You will have to have really good balance in some areas along this trail. This trail is also one of the trails that end at the beach. A good point about that is if you are too tired to go back through the “One Mile Trail” you can walk the beach for about a quarter of a mile and be at the beach entrance which is right by the parking lot to the beginning of the “One Mile Trail.”  To be honest though, none of us think it is only one mile. When you are hiking it, it feels like so much more due to the hills and sand in some area.

All in all, P. F. Hoffmaster is a great place to go for either a hike or a day out. They offer a variety of different interesting things for little to no money. If you make it to Michigan come check out P. F. Hoffmaster State Park. You will be glad you did. 🙂


3 thoughts on “P.F. Hoffmaster Park, Muskegon, MI

  1. Okay, I’ve been meaning to ask you this forever…
    What’s the Deer Tick situation up in that area. When I’m in the NE, I won’t go anywhere without Jeans and boots, but I’ve heard mixed messages about MI.

    Is it cool, or are pants and repellent a good recommendation?

    1. Actually, it depends on the time of year. During summer when it is warm out we go in shorts if the hike isn’t going to be all day. We have a lighter incase, but mostly we are fine. If you are going to go out for an all day event, you might want to wear pants and boots. This is mainly if your all day event involves going through some of the more over grown trails. As for repellent, we have had to use it a couple of times. In general, better to bring it and not need it, then to not bring it and do need it.
      Hope that helped a bit. 🙂

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