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Work from home?


So I am looking for work. To be completely honest, my ideal job would be from home so I could continue to be home with my kids. I love being a stay at home mom, but problems have brought about me having to get a job.

In my search of work, I have run across so many work at home sites that at times I feel overwhelmed. It is just amazing to be honest. Work at home can range from pay to get information to actual free information.

work from home 1

You may be wondering what prompted this post though. While looking on Craigslist I saw a post that stated all you had to do was place ads and be paid $25 for every person who clicked and started using the program. Here is the catch, you pay the person who posted the ad. The information you get is where you can post ads for free, and the ads that you can post. Technically, you are paying for a service or product. But really, you are paying someone else $25 to tell you to make an ad to get someone to pay you to do the same thing. Being me, I emailed the person to make sure I actually understood the idea behind the product. The nice man wrote me back and said, Yes I understood. Tell me that doesn’t feel slightly wrong.

Jobs today are varied beyond belief. If you are really lucky you find a job you will love and can make a great career out of if. But most times it is not the case. Instead, a person finds a job and works for a pay check. For some, Blogging has become a very good career. That would be an excellent job for me. I love to write, read, and then write some more, but so far that is not happened. I am not discouraged from writing or reading though.

Instead I am now trying to find a job. I have put out many applications. I am still looking for that special work at hope job though. I know it is out there and it will not cost me $50 plus dollars to find it. I just have to be diligent.

To all who read this and might know of something keep me in mind though. For all others, be careful, ask questions, know what you are actually getting into. Trust me, it’s an internet jungle out there and without your wits you are in trouble.

internet jungle



Seven Patients, a book I started reading…

7 patients

So I have just started reading this book about a medical student and his journey though medical school as a med-student until he is an intern. So far I have learned some mighty big words and phrases I didn’t think I would ever have to know. Luckily, in this book there is a dictionary in the back.

So far I have found it interesting in the fact that I am learning more words, as well as following  the life and lessons from another’s point of view. I am enjoying it, but it can take some work to get through. Yet, it has been worth it.

I am looking forward to finishing it. If you have read it, I do hope you will let me know what you thought of it.



The Bad Place, by Dean R. Koontz (My go to book)

love to read

For the LOVE of books… :o)

Okay everyone we love our books. We all know we do, other wise we wouldn’t be either writing this page, or reading this page. But one thing is for certain, once we find that one book that makes us happy, sad, mad, frustrated, and so many more emotions, we never want o put it down. Then when it comes to the end, we want to pick it up again and start the emotional journey again. I have many books like this.

This love of books started with one book though. The Bad Place, by Dean R. Koontz. I was 15 the first time I read this book. It has always been hard for me to read so I avoided it like the plague every chance I got. My mom and brother, who read all the time, were reading Koontz’s other books. I heard them talking about this one and thought there is no way a book like this was written, I was wrong. So my first full novel read by myself by choice was Dean R. Zoontz, The Bad Place.

The Bad Place

What would you do if you woke up night after night and always had something strange, and at times frightening, in you hand and not know how it got there? Frank Pollard has this problem now. He is afraid to sleep. He is afraid of what will happen next. All he really knows is he does not want to go back to The Bad Place. He decides to seek the help of a couple of detectives, the Dakota’s.

The Dakota’s are in love and love their business. When they take a job they feel they are in it for the long haul. Sadly, they take on Frank’s case to find out what happens to him when he sleeps. By finding out what happens, they uncover a web of supernatural family secretes that no one could ever imagine.

The Dakota’s are taken on a trip from the unthinkable to want to be forgettable. They will travel this world and another while trying to stay one step ahead of a killer and keep their client from disappearing night after night.

This book, along with other Koontz books, keep me going when my brain is failing to make connections. The Bad Place, though titled bad place, brings me back to many good places and memories. That is what books do for us. They bring us back to a time when life was easier or at least less stressful.

Give the book a try and tell me what you think.


Sorry for being gone…


Okay everyone,

I am trying to post something every day but the last couple of days have been a little stressful. I will be posting tonight though. I have chosen a book I have read in the past but still love to read today.

But for now, I have real life calling again and must get back to it.

Hope everyone is having a great day doing you!


The Man who Ended the World, by Jason Gurley, book

The Man Who Ended The World, by Jason Gurley, was a tad bit scary in the fact that there really are wacky rich people out there. This book shows what a wack-o with money can do when given the slightest opportunity.

the man who ended the world

The Man Who Ended The World, by Jason Gurley, takes us through the  who, what, when, where, and why  Mr. Glass wants to destroy the world. His reasons are sound in his own mind, but to the rest of the world he would be considered crazy as a loon.

Mr. Steven Glass is one of, if not the, richest men in the world. He believes himself a visionary. Sadly his vision is to destroy the world and all who live upon it. Ultimately he even believes himself to be destroyed to allow the earth a basic rebirth. To help accomplish this feat, he has constructed an underground bunker with more amenities than the grandest mansions and conservationists in the world. Best of all, he has constructed the bunker to have both worlds in one. He not only had a living space built, but also a forest and a beach, all underground. He believes he will live through the destruction he causes until he feels his life is ready to end as well. Yet, he still wants all the comforts of home and outside life. There is a glitch in his plan though…

Henry, a precocious 11-year-old found a stranger fascinating and decided to follow him one day. He knew the man looked familiar, but he could not place him. He follows him to a closed junk yard and watches him climb into a trunk. When the man does not come back out right away Henry breaks into the junk yard and tries to open the trunk and save him. The trunk won’t budge though. Realizing he has to get home before he gets in trouble he heads home. Once home he tells his father what he saw, sadly, his father simply dismisses him and tells him to get ready for dinner. Later that night he sees a broadcast that talks about a Mr. Steven Glass and how he has been missing for eight days. Henry realizes that is the man he saw climb into the trunk and not come out.

After retiring to his room he is startled by his best friend Clarissa. Clarissa has run away from home and has been staying under Henry’s bed since. Henry tells Clarissa what he saw and she asks questions and talks about what it all means and what they should do. They come to the conclusion that since Clarissa is no longer going to school, she will stake out the junk yard and see if he comes back up.

Mr. Glass has finally descended into his bunker for good. Though he is technically alone, he does have an artificial intelligence he created to keep him informed of the world about him until he destroys it, and to keep him company (though he did not realize it at the time). Stacy, the artificial intelligence, is the most advanced technology around. ‘She’ as he calls her, is also self-aware. Stacy has come to the conclusion that Mr. Glass is crazy and that she either has to derail his idea or stop him. To do this she will need help. This is where Henry and Clarissa come into play. They have to choose to either live and give up their families, or to die knowing what is actually going on. What would you choose? Life and a possibility to save others, or death with your family knowing you might have been able to stop it.

The Man Who Ended the World brings us into a reality that could come to pass. While at the same time reminding us that life is precious and full of hard choices. Which choice will be made, can redemption be found? Does life go on, or will it end with only the bunker remaining?

Reading, The Man Who Ended The World, will remind us why we are who we are or what choices we make and why we make them. Life is hard, but would you end it all if you could?

Enjoy the read if you choose. This book does go on sale and is free at times. You can get it for your Kindle at Amazon. Right now though the kindle version is $3.99.


23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!), by Kaylee Cole, Book

23 frugal ways

We all know we want to make a bit more money just for the little things. I am not ashamed at the fact that I want too and to do so, I read books about it. 23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) by Kaylee Cole is a good book that gives some practical and some out of the box ideas. Plus if you are interested in this you can go to Amazon and buy the book for free. Well if it is free I would say you are not buying the book, you are more simply getting the book. Either way 23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) is free right now, as in the date this post was published. But try anyways, it may still be free when you go for it!

23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) by Kaylee Cole is actually pretty informative. It was a good read in the fact that it gives practical ideas as well as out of the box ideas. The practical ones include getting a second part-time employment to simply selling stuff that have been sitting in boxes that you have forgotten about. Each of these an a few more in the book make us think, I can do that, and let’s be honest, we really can!

The not so practical should have been for us, but that is why I say out of the box on these ideas. We simply do not think of them. Getting crafty to sell items on can bring in a bit of money if you find the right nitch. Another out of the box idea was simply to provide your services. There is a site called where you can offer your services for $5 a pop. Once you are established there are different levels where you can start charging more. Within the $5’s charged, you would receive $4. Offering a service others need but not one to where it costs you more is a great way to get your name out there and help you to achieve more than the simple $1000 you are striving for.

There are many other ideas that can work for some one even if the couple I mentioned here does not. Give it a look. Besides if you have a kindle, 23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1000 (and more!) is free. And lets just be honest, free is always great!!!

Give it a read and enjoy the possibility for an extra $1000.


Sequal Books… Love/Hate Relationship!!!!!

 love hate

So we all have read them. They are the books where you read the first one just to see if you will like it just to turn around and want the rest. This is my problem with most books. It doesn’t matter the genre, I just get invested. Not involved, but invested in the series and the characters. I want to know what will happen next, who will make it through the next book, what wild and wacky predicaments the characters are in. I tell you it is maddening at times.

You may ask why I bring this up, or you might not, but either way, I am going to tell you…

I have been reading the Odd Thomas series by Dean R. Koontz for years now. He finally came out with new books and I was able to get them from the library. I was so excited. I read Odd Apocalypse and then Odd Interlude. Just to find out that Odd Interlude came before Odd Apocalypse. But that is okay, not a big problem luckily. But then I find out there is another book. I tell you, it is maddening to think you are caught up just to find out there is another. Sure it is great there is another book since I enjoy the series, but come on… 😀

With all that said though, The Odd series is getting a big ‘odd’ for lack of a better word. It has always been supernatural in many ways, but these last two books are starting to make me question the sanity of the books. Does that make sense? I hope so because I am not sure how else to explain it.

Can you guess what my next review(s) is going to be about… Yep the Odd Thomas series by Koontz. What is your take on the series and for that matter series books in general. DO you Love them? Hate them? Both? I am a Both.

But I raise a book to the series’ that keep us coming back!


Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1, By Ivana E. Tyorbrains

zombie apocalypse serial

“How to end the world in 3 easy steps”

How is that for a beginning to a book huh?! When I was first looking for a good silly read I saw this book, Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the cover word. Which is the picture at the top of this post… Come on, it is funny admit it!

Timothy Frye was your stereo typical nerd in any book. He was picked on as a child through him middle school years, just to start high school paying his bully not to beat him up anymore. He loved the old zombie and horror type movies. He was also top of his class. Sadly, being bullied like he was and being as smart as he was, this made for a potentially deadly combination. What is worse, Timothy now has the money and power to make all of his crazy wishes come to pass.

Bart Corning was Tiny Tim’s bully. Well Tiny Tim is what Bart and his cohorts called Timothy while they were bullying him. Sadly Bart ended up with a very bad condition after his 21st birthday. He now has cluster headaches. These types of headaches effect less than one percent of the population, and lucky Bart is in that one percent. Due to this condition he has become a pot head.

As a twist of fate, who we all know can be an interesting and cruel mistress, Bart now lives with Timothy.  Bart and his mom were homeless and during one of Timothy’s scouting trips for human test subjects he ran across them. Timothy is using Bart for his ID and more importantly to full fill a crush that he has always had on Bart’s mom. Where Bart believes this is just another way that Timothy is being bullied by Bart, paying him off not to beat him up, Timothy is actually using Bart to have his way with Bart’s mom and keep Bart around as a scape goat if need.

Be afraid, be very afraid of those kids who were bullied at school and had the intelligent and luck to make a lot of money to pull off a world-wide destruction plan. This is what we have with Timothy.

This book was funny and kind of demented in many ways. There are other books in the series, as the book 1 would suggest. You can find Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1 at Amazon. For the time being it is free, I think just to make it a hook to his other books. Which sadly now I want to read.

This was a quick book to read, not a lot of pages so that was nice. It does have some interesting thoughts of a mad man as well as a few good book ideas due to his love of books and movies as a child. If you want a free book, a quick read, and a bit of humor in your zombie potential horror, give Zombie Apocalypse Serial Book 1 a try.



On Ice, J. D. Faver (Book)

On Ice

On Ice, by J. D. Faver is a love story born of fear and danger. This book will remind us that not all men are great and not all woman are strong all the time. Men need help and women need help to be strong. Family is everything, but family is not always seen in the same light.

On Ice is about a woman, Rene, who has to find inner strength to over come her husbands abuse to be free for her self and her children. She finds this freedom with the help of her sister and a remote town in Alaska. Mark, her husband, will not be deterred though. He does everything he can think of to find her and make her pay for leaving him and taking his children. Maddy, her sister, helped her leave her husband and because of this she is now on the receiving end of Mark’s anger. Brett on the other hand reminded her what a real man is and how a woman should be treated. Rene has to find the courage to reclaim her life and save herself and her children before it is too late.

On Ice is a good read that will make you laugh and cry all with in a couple of pages, or at least it did me :). If you like romance you will like this book. You can find this book at Amazon.

If you give it a go, I hope you will enjoy it!


I Met A Demon (Based on Actual Events), Petronela Ungureanu (Books)

Written by, Petronela Ungureanu

I Met a Demon, by Petronela Ungureanu was an interesting read. By being a short story (believed to be fact or fiction by the reader), this allowed me to be able to read it on a day where I thought I would not have had the chance to read at all.

“Petronela Ungureanu is a fantasy writer and a journalist living in a picturesque part of poetic Romania. She takes great pleasure in simple things like walking barefoot in the grass, or reading Jane Austen in front of a good fire, surrounded by her numerous purring cats. When the time feels right, she mysteriously withdraws in her favorite corner where she concocts fantastical stories about elves, fairies, gnomes and other wondrous creatures.” (Amazon page) She also has her own blog at to check out more of her thoughts and works.

I Met a Demon, is about a young man who is sent to work in a village in the country. It is 1976 and the communists were ruling the country. He was not happy about being set to the country since there was a lack of gas and his car was a gas hog. After convincing his boss to allow him to stay in the village to save money he gets a very small studio home. This is when things started to go strange for him. With in this strangeness, he starts to remember what his Grandma had done for him with in their Christian religion. With that thought firmly in mind he realizes that the strangeness and the ultimate face to face  is worth taking seriously. He left and never looked back.

I Met a Demon gives a new take on an old belief. Whether you take this book as a true story, or a simple short story from Petronela Ungureanu’s imagination, one this is true, you will have a new respect for the little bumps in the night and the shadows from the corner of your eye.

If you like mystery, the unknown, the misunderstood, then this is the book for you!

Hope you can give it a try. If you have an account with Amazon and you are a Prime Member then you can rent the book for free. I do believe you will not be disappointed.